I clean my house every other day…

Sign seen somewhere “I clean my house every other day – and today’s the other day.”

Truth be told, we clean our house as often as pigs fly and hens have teeth. But today we have a friend arriving for a few days this evening so the dust needs to be redistributed. I hate cleaning. So I’ve been giving myself little treats: clean the living room & dining room, you can look round the market. Clean the two bedrooms, you can go on the pooter for 30 minutes. Clean the study, you can have lunch and so on… Mr D is working (he works from home) and I get a bit miffed that he’s not helping me. Yes, I know he’s working, but I’m muttering darkly that I bet if something came up that he really wanted to do, he’d be able to stop work. Which may, or may not, be true. He’s offered to steam clean the rugs later, and rather ungraciously I said that I’d rather he did other cleaning. So I’m not sure what he’s going to do.

I wish I could be one of those people who could do 15 minutes housework every day and keep on top of it that way. But I’m not. Even when I don’t have any teaching work  I can find myriad things to do that don’t include vacuum cleaners, polish or any other cleaning product. And I can not see grubbiness for quite some time – and then suddenly it’s “This house is filthy! Why are we such slatterns! Why don’t we clean?!?” And I whirl through the house moaning and grumbling. Then let the dust settle once more. Mr D sees the dirt more than me – but doesn’t do much about it, though he may clean the kitchen floor if our Very Clean friend is coming round. Cleaning is her hobby. Maybe she could come and do her hobby in my house…?

It doesn’t help that our house is old (about 1830s) and it breathes dust. And we have a rug from Ikea that sheds hair like nobody’s business – and is helped by Pumpkin clawing it every day. So with two furry cats, dust and fluff sometimes the wooden stairs look like they are carpeted!

Update on No 1 Cat – she’s back to her normal self, huzzah! Although as her “normal self” involves waking us up at 5.30 am to show us how much she loves us and wants to be stroked that may not be such a blessing. The cream cheese trick is still working, but she’s starting to get very suspicious when she sees us holding towels!

This (if I can attach a YouTube clip – first try!) reminds me of Pumpkin in the morning.



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One Response to “I clean my house every other day…”

  1. Tina Says:

    Oh Dormouse, I sooo identified with this! If it wasn’t for reading Ship threads and Wiblog entries I would quickly become convinced that I am the only person in the world who is quite capable of ignoring mess and doesn’t obsessively wipe and disinfect everything in sight (clearly, Shippie/Wibbloggers are My Kind of People). But yeah, the downside is that when you do decide to do something it’s an overwhelming task!

    (Loving the cat also – it’s the cutesy attention-grabbing ploys plus the feigned innocence when attention is eventually grabbed!)