Good news…bad news…

Sorry. More on the Pussy front – it’s taken over our lives a bit.

Pomme went to see NiceVet today. Having prevaricated over whether we wanted a positive or negative result on the test for her, we discovered we were mightily relieved when it was negative. Especially as, with some research on t’Internet, we have found out that the virus that Pumpkin has is Feline Leukaemia, which aint good. In fact Pomme, despite being vaccinated against FeLv, has been lucky not to catch the virus from Pumpkin. Pumpkin will have contracted it from her mother, and she is lucky to have survived kittenhood, and to have had 4 good, happy years with us.

Now what do we do? If it was simply the fact that she had FeLV we could, I think, manage to keep the two of them separated. It’s tricky at the moment as Pomme sees us disappearing into the spare room with plates of delicious smelling food, of which she’s getting none, and wants to go in to find out What’s Going On. But it’s manageable. However, Pumpkin has this upper respiratory infection, which means her lungs are slowly filling up with fluid. The drugs don’t seem to be having much effect, and as she’s not eating, she’s simply becoming weaker and weaker, and, I believe, slowly suffocating. She doesn’t appear to be in much discomfort (but how do we really know?!) but from what Wikipedia says, it’s not going to get much better unless the drugs start to clear the fluid and clear the infection. NiceVet has said that we should see an improvement in 10 days. It’s been a week with nothing, so we’re thinking see if the weekend brings any miracles and, if not,  take Pumpkin in for her Last Big Adventure with NiceVet.

So Good News: Pomme is healthy.

Bad News: Pumpkin is on the way out. I think she’ll be going Over the Rainbow fairly soon.

If you are so inclined, please pray for us. Feline and non-Feline. And thank you for all the thoughtful comments you have made. Your support is indeed appreciated.

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One Response to “Good news…bad news…”

  1. Tina Says:

    So sorry to hear about poor Pumpkin. Prayers for you all.