Turning a corner, touching wood and thanking God

This is a direct cut and paste from Ship of Fools but it lets you all know how Pumpkin is doing:

Now, I’m not a very good Christian when it comes to having faith about answered prayers. My prayers are of the vague type (comfort them…help them…) or with a qualifier (but only if it’s your will) so that if I don’t get the answer I was looking for it’s “not God’s fault” (We can unpick the theology of that at a later date!). But last night I was getting desperate.
You see, Pumpkin had started to fight off the secondary respiratory infection. Her breathing is less laboured, she’s not panting so much, she can lie more comfortably, she is showing an interest in her surroundings. BUT, and what a big but, she wasn’t eating. In 24 hours she’d taken a bite or two of some cat food and a lap or two of milk. And that was more than she’d eaten in the previous 72 hours. She needed to eat or else she wouldn’t get better. Everytime we arrived with yet another dish of something she’d look anticipatory; and then after a sniff would turn away dissappointed, as though she’d been hoping for something else.

So I prayed. I told her that she was a beloved creature, that God knows every sparrow that falls, that she was truly loved – and then I prayed that God would stimulate her appetite, that we would find whatever it was she wanted to eat. And that she’d eat. Please, I said over and over.

Then we went to bed. She spent all night curled up next to me – or rather, not curled, as that’s still a bit difficult for her. When I woke, I stroked her,and she purred and then I dropped back to sleep. In the morning the state of the seven food bowls were the same: untouched. Mr D was on his way out to feed the hens and said he’d found a pouch of Felix at the back of the cupboard – not exactly a favourite, but one we’d not tried very recently.

Ho hum, I thought. I’ll have my shower and then try her with the food. Meanwhile Mr D came back and tried feeding her.
“Dormouse” he called softly. “Come and see.”
I went into the spare room and there she was guzzling the Felix down like there was no tomorrow. Then she drank some water. Then she fought us when we tried to give her the tablet.

She seems to have turned some kind of corner. Yes, there’s still the Leukaemia to deal with, and still the respiratory problems, but we may have her for longer than we’d thought. Especially on Thursday night when we were convinced we’d have to put her down.

Worldwide prayers for this little kitty seem to be having an effect. Deo Gratias!

Thank you all for your prayers and support. As DaisyDaisy said

The final decision is such a hard one to take, and I am glad you don’t have to take it right now. I have found it is so much easier when the animal goes when they are ready to – and Pumpkin obviously isn’t ready yet!!”

And neither are we.

Ooh, my fonts have come over all perculiar. I can’t easily see a way to change them. Any suggestions guys?

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2 Responses to “Turning a corner, touching wood and thanking God”

  1. Ian Says:

    Wondrous news: thanks for sharing, and continued prayers.

    No ideas on the font. If you edit the post, are there any tags before and after the text that is different? Not sure if it is due to copying and pasting. Hopefully a boffin can help you out.

  2. Dormouse Says:

    Aha! Mr D (being the computer Whiz-Kid that he is) has shown me what to do. It’s all about HTML. So my fonts are no longer all perculiar.