I see what you mean, Agatha

A rather thought provoking comment made about my last post…

I get the feeling that I offended you in some way, Agatha. That certainly wasn’t my intention, and I certainly do understand your comment that if I go into the classroom thinking I can’t control the class then I’m conceding defeat before we even begin. Maybe you’re right and I shouldn’t take up the post.

As to the thought that adults can be unpleasant too: oh, yes, I agree there. Perhaps I shouldn’t’ve phrased my comments about adolescents quite as forcefully as I did. But for someone who’s only dealt with primary school children, the thought of grown up children is a bit scary. I was trying to express this but obviously not very well. I have nothing but respect for Secondary School teachers and what they do every day. And I’m not sure if I can do it. But I’m thinking that I’d like to give it a go…

Anyway, I find with my sitting upright and typing my vertigo,which struck this morning, has got worse. So I’m off.


3 Responses to “I see what you mean, Agatha”

  1. Japes Says:

    I’m someone who has the deepest, deepest respect for anyone who has ever dealt with Infants, especially the 4/5 year olds!! 7 and upwards being my preferred age, I seemed to be edging towards 11 and upwards, and currently it’s 16 to 19s and adults.

    But, I have a lot of sympathy for anyone contemplating a change of age range for teaching purposes, it’s something that needs much thought, I believe.

    Hope the vertigo improves. And Pumpkin is doing OK for now.

    (Oh, and you see me around the Ship as No Socks! Long story… can’t decide if changing my name here or there, when an amnesty comes along, is a good idea or not.)

  2. Ian Says:

    Prayers for the vertigo.

    And I can perfectly sympathise with the fears: I help out with adults and could never imagine working with teenagers — I remember what I was like! Prayers as you decide.

  3. agatha Says:

    Whoa, obviously I don’t express myself very well either – wasn’t offended , just thought you needed to be more positive otherwise you are setting yourself up for a fall. And adolescents really are no more awful than any other age group – I agree with Japes – little spoilt children – ugh!! And don’t start me on pensioners…..