More pootling

Generally pleasant time spent with MiL and AC – although sadly MiL has lost a gold bracelet of great sentimental value. She has no idea when it might have come off, but the most likely time looks like at the market at Noirétable on Saturday when she was trying on fleeces. We phoned the Mairie – no luck, but phone back later in the week – and the Gendarmerie- closed on Monday! We’ll go back to the market next Saturday to ask the stallholder if he found it. But we don’t hold out an awful lot of hope. 🙁

We went up to our friends’ for Sunday lunch with a delicious Coq au Vin. India and Flynn, our co-Chicken owners’ children, wouldn’t eat the casserole to begin with, refusing to eat Speckled Jim. So Clare offered to fish around to find some “chicken” instead. Would they eat “chicken”? Yes, they would…! Speckled Jim made a delicious meal.

I am starting to feel the need for another cat. I have the phone number of someone advertising “Chattons à donner” (Kittens to give away) but there’s never any reply. Pomme probably won’t be too impressed, but she’s brought it on herself: if she’d share herself around a bit more I wouldn’t feel so cat-less. But she insists on sitting on Mr D, so I feel left out. She did sleep between my legs last night- I hope she was comfortable, as I certainly wasn’t!

Right. I’m not working todaty or tomorrow. Tomorrow morning is now peachwine making (deferred from Saturday), tomorrow afternoon has to be preparing for my lessons. So I really must stop procrastinating and go and do my ironing – I have practically run out of uncrumpled clothes to wear.

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