Lost…and found.

We had a phone call (at 8.30 am, so that’s 7.30 UK time – she must have been happy!) from a very happy MiL: she’d found the bracelet at the bottom of her suitcase. Much rejoicing.

Just a note to say how much I enjoy reading other people’s Blogs. I don’t usually comment, as I don’t feel I’ve got much to say, but it’s good to read what folk are doing/thinking. I wish I was able to be as thoughtful and profound as many of you. I just pootle along, wittering on about inconsequential rubbish, while others amongst us are able to make thoughtful and thoughtprovoking posts. Maybe one day. But then and again, maybe (probably!) not. But thank you for making me think just a little bit more than I usually do.

And now, off to bed, I think, as I need to get up at 6.15 to drive 70-odd km for one-and-a-half hours teaching and then drive back again. It will almost cost me everything I earn in those one-and-a-half hours to teach them, as I have the motorway tolls, petrol and wear-and-tear on the Dormobile. This wasn’t the plan, but my French teacher/English student (she teaches me French, I teach her English!) is ill and can’t make the lessons we’d planned. It’s too late to cancel the lesson I have with the Boring Car Guy (all he ever wants to talk about is cars. Thankfully it’s his second-to-last lesson tomorrow) so I have to bite the bullet and go. Never mind, with my free afternoon, I will make Peach Brandy and Peach chutney with the enormous amount of peaches we’ve been given.

A quick P.S. – we’ve made our peach wine. We spent an afternoon with Michel picking peach leaves, and sampling various vintages of peach and grapefruit wine. They were both delicious, so we may be tempted to try making the Grapefruit wine (cue the Steely Dan song…) next.We were more than a little squiffy by the end of the afternoon, so I’m glad Michel was doing complicated calculations concerning the ratio of sugar to peach leaves to wine to 90% proof alcohol. Yes, we were using Ethanol in the wine – which is apparently also used in making disinfectant and in chemical engineering. Another 24 hours and we have to bottle it; then lay it down for a couple of months (at least) before sampling the wares.

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  1. Jack the Lass Says:

    I think lots of us witter along much of the time – and sometimes there are pearls among the crud 🙂 I’ve seen a few french flags in my stats recently and wondered if it was you.