Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

Yes, together with the rest of Europe we have a lot of snow. More than we’ve seen outside of a ski resort. Yes, it’s cold. Luckily we aren’t being terribly inconvenienced by it. Living in a village we have well stocked shops, and the roads are regularly cleared – because, unlike in the UK, this is a regular event. Possibly not quite as much snow as this, but certainly it is expected to snow for three/four weeks throughout the winter, andso the councils are more prepared for it.

Collège was cancelled on Friday (YAY!HAPPY DANCE! – as my text to Mr D read when he texted me to let me know!) as the school buses were also cancelled. There was only one student from the troisième(that’s the year group I teach) who arrived for school. Which rather begs the question What happened to the (at least) other two pupils who I know live within 2 minutes walk of the school!?

Mr D is driving a friend to Lyon airport today. I’m not very happy about it, but am assured that the motorways will be cleared (we hope) and the airport is running. Whether Heathrow is open, which is where Miles is going, we don’t yet know.

Mr D’s also going ski-ing on Tuesday with some of our friends. I’m rather jealous. Not of the fact that they’re going ski-ing (Yeuch, nasty exercise!!!) but of the fact they can all just decide to go ski-ing, midweek. Mr D and J are self employed, G is unemployed and A works nights so it’s easy for them. Me, I’m buzzing up and down the motorway and going to collège. I don’t want to go ski-ing; I just want to be able to go ski-ing if I wanted to!!!!

News on the NYResolutions:

*I have managed the no alcohol rule easily. That will stay.

* The more fruit and veg is going well too. I am managing at least two portions with every meal and am conciously adding extra portions to the evening meal. Only one treat a day – usually a chocklit biskit, but sometimes a chocklit or a cereal bar.

* Exercise? Well… Bike on Thursday, tennis on Friday, nothing yesterday…Maybe a walk today to see how our poor chickens are getting on. Certinly, since the bike trainer on Thursday my back hasn’t been so happy. And I only did 15 minutes!!! I’m not a very fit person.

And my weight is too high to tell you without having to go and shoot myself afterwards. It’s still in double figures (just!!) – talking about kg here – but it’s way, way too high. So I shall just tell you what I’ve lost, when I remember to weigh myself.

Thank you for New Year’s Greetings. I recommend you go on over to Smudgie’s site (http://smudgie.wibsite.com/) and read the last paragraph of her Jan 1st entry. It sums up beautifully what I wish all my friends. Thanks Smudgie!

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3 Responses to “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”

  1. Jack the Lass Says:

    If it’s any consolation, your kgs sounds rather like mine 🙂 (I’m trying to lose some of them too).

  2. Japes Says:

    My kilograms still sound worse, but I am rejoicing they are considerably less worse than they would have been in the summer. In fact, I’m jigging with joy, as they are much closer to getting back to double figures than I thought they were. (And that’s with eating more fruit and veg, avoiding junk food, and walking more on work days.)

  3. Dormouse Says:

    Let’s keep the weight loss going, Girls!

    See you on the SoF weightloss thread as well!