Ha! Talk about hypocrisy…

I’ve been asked to preach on 21st February – AARGH! Just realised that’s like, next week – and am looking at the texts to get my ideas in order. And how ironic it is that the main Gospel reading (for us in the Eglise Reformée – possibly different for You guys elsewhere) is Luke 12: 1-12 Which talks about hypocrisy and fear. And leads me on to thinking about wearing masks of saying “Yes, I’m a Good Little Christian” – and preaching! – while actually having doubts about It All.

I think I will probably include that in the sermon – after all, it’s a good illustration, and I don’t worry about admitting that I have doubts. It just seems ironic that it should have turned up now. Maybe God’s trying to tell me something!

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One Response to “Ha! Talk about hypocrisy…”

  1. Ian Says:

    My uninformed 2c: doubts are part of us being human. And I confess to various masks.

    Prayers for the preparation of the sermon; I am sure you will do wonderfully.