A Cat Food called Ron

A special Hello to Ian & Agatha who have been discussing French cat noises – last post Ian asked about the noises a cat made in France. I wrote a post replying, but – because I was in a hurry – I messed up the quoting tool and the whole post was a mess. So I deleted it. Agatha’s already mentioned the ronn-ronning, but here (hopefully tidied up a bit!) is the post I was going to post earlier in the week…

Oh…I go to find the draft and I find I’ve deleted it!!! I really am not very good at this Techno-lark, am I? It’s a good job Mr D is my Very Own IT Technician!

So, to recap: To me, French meeowing and meeping sounds just like English meeows and meeps, but my on-line French dictionary says (and this is where I messed up last time. Let’s see if I can do any better this time round…):

meow‘ found in these entries:


meow: WordReference English-French Dictionary © 2010

meow (cats’ sound) miaulement nm
meow (like cat) miauler v
meow (cats’ sound) miaulement nm

Agatha’s mentioned “ron-ron” which is the French “purr”. We refer to the dictionary again:



Pocket Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary © 2005 Oxford University Press:


  1. noun (of cat, engine) ronronnement m.
  1. intransitive verb (cat, engine) ronronner.
So it appears that Parisian cats might be understood by the more provincial felines, but whether they would understand the local patois I don’t know. I suspect the Parisian cats might be a little supercilious and look down their whiskers at the locals. But maybe I’m stereotyping here!
The reason I mention cat food in the title is that there used to be a French cat food called Ron-Ron. Manda*, our cat when we lived in Milton Keynes, used to really like this cat food, so whenever we came back from holiday we would bring her some as a present…
“So, Dormouse, what souvenirs did you bring back from France?”
“A bottle of wine and ten tins of cat food…”
Sadly, Ron-Ron no longer appears to exist – globalization has even taken over the pet food world, with Sheba, Felix, Whiskas and Go-Cat/Friskies being the main choices available.
*Manda lived to a ripe old age of 19 1/2 despite beiong diabetic for the last 5 years of her life, and neding 2 insulin injections a day. She was a beautiful “calico” cat.
OK. Let’s see if I’ve messed up the quotes this time! Press “Publish”, Dormouse!


3 Responses to “A Cat Food called Ron”

  1. Jack the Lass Says:

    Your holiday souvenir story made me laugh. Whenever I stay with my sister (who lives near Munich) I always come back with next to nothing, but about 6 tubes of a toothpaste that I’ve never been able to find over here) (the reason I got into that toothpaste was because one time I got there to find I’d forgotten to pack toothpaste and brush so had to buy emergency supplies!).

  2. Jack the Lass Says:

    Argh stray closed bracket there!

  3. Ian Says:

    Looks good to me Dormouse. And thank you for the information — and your perseverance! And good to know if Parisian cats can’t understand dialects they can at least ron-ron with engines and vice-versa. 🙂 Nice to hear about Manda and the cat food; Manda certainly had a great long life.

    Love your story too Jack!