What a splendid day!

I didn’t have any teaching today – it’s a bit of a lean fortnight coming up, due to courses finishing, others not yet starting, and students being away – so I was able to spend all day making cards. I love messing about with glue, sequins, bits and bobs, and I have made 19 cards today, including two Mothers’ Day cards for MiL and mum. I suppose, going by the amount of time it takes to make a card, I sell them rather cheap (2,50€ or 3,00€) but there’s not really a card sending culture in France, so I don’t think I can sell them at an expensive price. I sell at the Artisanat (craft shop) in the village, and am thinking about asking a couple of shops if they’ll stock one or two shop-appropriate cards (e.g. baby congratulation cards in the baby clothes/toys shop) as well as leaving a box at the Language School for the other teachers to rootle through.

I tried quite a few different techniques: black & white, torn tissue paper, tea-bag folds, and I’m really pleased with all the results. I’m thinking I need to get Mr D (the Web Site Designer) to design me a card selling site. When I get the bloomin’ downloading-from-camera-to-computer cable sorted out I’ll post some photos of my favourite cards. (though as they’re now wrapped in cellophane it may be tricky to take photos. Still…nous verrons!

Collège tomorrow (shudder!) plus teaching three children and an Estate Agent. Then on Thursday, after an hour at Collège, I can spend another day playing with sequins! Huzzah!


Mr D showed me a photo he’d taken of Pomme and Pumpkin gazing at pigeons. I laughed…:-) and then cried…:-(

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One Response to “What a splendid day!”

  1. Ian Says:

    Wonderful to read of a splendid day: I have a friend who is very good with craft and makes cards — I’m in awe of your talent: I can’t do it.

    Look forward to the photos, cellophaned or otherwise. And best wishes with selling them at other shops. And all the best for the interruptions to you card-making activities in the form of work! 🙂

    On the last line, are the pigeons safe? [ wondering about the 🙁 ] ; or is it best not to ask? I imagine it is a funny photo.