God’s Passport Into Heaven Poem..?!And other stuff.

This is a search term that somebody used and ended up at View From The Teapot. I couldn’t imagine how – it’s not a term I’ve ever used…

But, in the interests of discovery I too put the term “God’s Passport Into Heaven Poem” into Google and – complete surprise, surprise – I was the second site on the list! It came from the post where I posted a George Herbert poem :

Ian reminded me how much I loved the Donne poem he posted. ….. We do not have to ascend into heaven, or descend to the deep. Osama bin Laden, losing a passport – But if God gives us the nice things, and we say Thank You for those,

I wonder how disappointed my visitor was…!And will I now be top of the Google list with this title?!


I’ve recently been reading a lot of food related blogs. They are quite interesting – but also hunger-inducing. But entire blogs devoted to making cupcakes are a bit overwhelming. And disturbing. But also quite mesmerising at the same time. Is this pornography in a different form? The pictures certainly do make me salivate.


I’m singing in a concert tonight. We have to wear white shirts. It is 9°C at the moment and the church is unheated. I don’t think a vest underneath will quite be sufficient! I’m considering that if I wear a vest + a  pink long sleeved T shirt I might survive – and just look as though I’m glowing rosily through the shirt! I recently bought Mr D some toe warmers for when he goes out cycling. I’m going to steal one set tonight – they last for up to 6 hours so they should see me through!

We start at 8.00 pm, there are a lot of songs and an interval, with a meal afterwards. Hmm, I think tonight might be a late one.


Please can I ask those of you of a praying disposition to remember my good friends Paul & Daniele. Paul has cancer which appears to be spreading. He is about to start a course of aggressive chemotherapy. His deep faith and utter relance on God is humbling and inspiring… He is a true saint.


One Response to “God’s Passport Into Heaven Poem..?!And other stuff.”

  1. Ian Says:

    Cupcakes….mmmmm. 😀

    I loved looking at the Google searches; some very strange ones. Hope the concert goes well, and you stay warm. And prayers for Paul & Daniele; Lord, have mercy, and grant them strength and peace.