Walks, fun, cheese and cats. Second Attempt

So, here we go with a second attempt:

We had an enjoyable time last Sunday afternoon. Some time ago, G (French friend, lived in UK for many years, married to A, a Scouser -like me-, lives in our village) derided the fact that there are, apparently, more English cheeses than French, and said “Yeah, and they all taste the same…” So S&C who have a second home here brought a selection of cheeses, pickle, English pâté and crackers when they came over. So we had a convivial port-and-cheese evening, French and Anglais mixed. And G did admit that the English cheeses weren’t too bad by half.

L'Entente Cordiale - English & French (cheese) side by side!

Yes...I think we've finished...

On Monday I went for a shortish walk – only an hour – which was very pleasant – but I’d forgotten to charge the camera battery. It was really nice, and not too strenuous. I will do it again, but extend it a little more. There were plenty of marked trails on a plateau above Blanzat, so it will be easy to add another kilometre or so to the walk. On Thursday I had a chance to do another walk before my French lesson. This was also really lovely – the weather has warmed up, and I was in my shirt sleeves and cropped trousers. I bought a sandwich and sat, half way round, basking in sunshine and scoffing the most delicious tuna baguette. It was fab.

This is where I had lunch, lying on the grass

And here is the obligatory view of Puy-de-Dome

I met a charming old gentleman, who looked about 65, but who assured me he was 82. He joined me on the walk and spoke about all number of things. He was evacuated from Lille to Clermont Ferrand during the war, and stayed here. He married an Algerian woman, he loves travelling, philosophy, walking, golf, literature, history… He was very interesting. While I like walking by myself, it was a pleasant change to have such an interesting companion. I thought about asking if I could take his ophoto, but didn’t. Instead here is a view of the path:

I really enjoy my walks, and as I’m starting a new student on a different day in June, I may be able to do one on Tuesdays too! I hardly recognise myself!!

And now, the pictures that I know several people have been waiting for: GEORGE-THE-KITTEN is growing. We went to see him & his siblings on Friday. They are growing and becoming more and more adorable! Look!!!

"Are you my daddy?"

Three Kittens...aaah!

Mum taking on nourishment.

I had a phone call from a very excited M today – the kittens have drunk milk from a bowl all by themselves. I’m a little unsure, as I know many cats can’t tolerate cow’s milk, being lactose intolerant – Pumpkin always had an upset tummy after drinking milk – but at the moment M is in charge of the wee ones, so I don’t like to complain.

Are you sure this is a good idea, maman?

George makes a bid for freedom!

Are you going to get bored of pictures of George, I wonder…?!

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2 Responses to “Walks, fun, cheese and cats. Second Attempt”

  1. Jack the Lass Says:

    I love that “Are you my daddy?” picture!!

  2. Ian Says:

    Never bored; how could we be with such a cute cat and wondrous photos of you I am guessing?

    The cheese feast looked scrumptious and the walk amazing; and hurrah for meeting people with a great tale to tell. Happy walking!