Bother, Bother, BOTHER!!!

L played his favourite game of “How Far Can I Wind Her Up By Doing Irritating Little Things That Mount Up Before She Explodes and Sends Me From The Classroom, So I can Protest that I Wasn’t Doing Anything, But Really I Know That I Was.”

And I fell for it. Smirky smiles from L and giggles from the rest of the class. The most annoying thing is that I know he’s doing it, and every lesson I resolve not to lose my temper with him. But this time he won.

Bugger. I hope he gets excluded for the rest of the week.


2 Responses to “Bother, Bother, BOTHER!!!”

  1. rain Says:

    (are you laughing yet?)

    children are so smart… and, so you know you’re not alone, i think those smirky smiles they flash are incredibly irritating.

    may peace be with you the rest of this week

  2. Ian Says:

    Best wishes and prayers as the week ends.
    Enjoy the weekend!