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Catching up on what we’ve been up to…Real Life really does get in the way of Blogging, I find! I’m really rather busy during the week, and in the evenings it’s been too hot to do much more than lie like a beached whale flapping feebly and drinking tonic water or orange juice. I certainly haven’t wanted to come up to the study (under the eaves and very hot) to catch up on blogging.

So, what have we done?

Last week there was a cycle race which ended right outside the house. It was the Tours de Pays Roannaise – quite a high level race for semi-professional teams or high amateurs. We had a good view from our balcony.

Mr D plays "Peep-bo"

I won! I won!

I’ve had several walks with Benjy. I’m not sure he recognises me yet – all the dogs get so very, very excited when anyone comes into the Dog Area, so I don’t think it’s especially for me. Benjy’s cell mate actually jumps about 5 feet in the air, springing off the cage front. It is as though he has springs for feet. Benjy’s quite jumpy too. I’m a bit of a liability though – the second time I collected Benjy his cell mate escaped and ran amok, and then on Friday I got lost on our walk and got him back to the APA Centre late – there were no employees there to receive him, just volunteers who tutted a bit and looked disapproving.  Still, here are some photos of Benjy and views from our walks:

I'm sure she threw her sandwich crusts away here

Do you like my ball? And my bowl?

We had a lot of rain yesterday – Mr D came in from his ride looking like a drowned rat! – but today is as hot as ever! And now I have to do my ironing!

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