No, not Weapons of Mass Destruction, but Wee Mad Doggie

I went in to the shelter to walk Indy, and discovered she too had been adopted! I obviously choose the attractive dogs!

So, I took out the Wee Mad Doggie instead:

I'm Wee, I'm Mad and I'm a Dog!

She (he?) was nervous at first, but I soon got him (her?) on my side with dog treats. S/he was mad when running through long grass, leaping and weaving and screeching to a halt to sniff smells. But s/he was equally eager to get back into the cage, presumably to tell his/her cell-mate all about the Big Outdoors. They were both very bouncy dogs.

I don’t know his/her name as there wasn’t a label on the cage and I was in a rush and couldn’t stay to make my change in Godparentship official. Anyway, when we get back from holiday I’m sure WMD will have been adopted!

Off on holiday to the UK tomorrow, sailing a narrow boat (actually two) on the Llangollen canal with my in-laws. See you all when I get back.


One Response to “WMD”

  1. Ian Says:

    Happy Holidays!

    And what a beautiful wee doggie, even if he is mad. 😀