They’ve Arrived!

George and Mildred have now joined the Dormousehold. Pomme isn’t too sure yet, and they are still trying to work out who’s boss, but all-in-all I think the introduction went smoothly. We took a great deal of care about how to introduce the Kittens to the Resident Cat: we opened the basket and let them out. They met Pomme and everyone eyed each other warily! There has been some hissing, some rapid-sidling-past-with-no-eye-contact, and a small battle over “Bed rights”. At the moment I’m not sure who’s winning that one! I think it’s Pomme.

However, we’ve already (only two days) reached the state where they can share the same balcony:

In the shade of the asparagus fern

In the shade of the table

Here are a couple of better shots of the Young Rapscallions



Aren’t they just adorable?!


One Response to “They’ve Arrived!”

  1. rain Says:

    yes they are! welcome to the family 🙂