Christmas Baking

I found this site by accident. I thought these Christmas cookies looked delicious, and I think I will try making them next week.

Today has been a “Snow Day” – I spent this morning packing up my Ship Of Fools Secret Santa and my gift for my niece in Rwanda. I visited Paul and Daniele too. Paul is looking very weary, but is in good spirits. Daniele was quite bright too – but the strain is showing. I wish I could do more to help… This afternoon I did my Christmas shopping on Amazon. We are sticking to a £5-ish limit this year, which is quite difficult. I found mugs which you can grafitti yourself for my nephews (yes, OK, they’re 22 and 24, but still…you can never have enough mugs!) and foodie stuff for my sister and husband. A book for my brother (QI based!) and a cardigan (not for £5) for mum. I also cracked and bought a couple of Christmas CDs for myself. Including The Carol Symphony [youtube][/youtube]

Here is a bit of it, with lovely shots of the Lake District.

Tomorrow…we’re having a Goodbye lunch for our friends who are going back to the UK on Saturday. And maybe I’ll write our Christmas round robin letter and send our Christmas cards. But maybe I won’t…!!


4 Responses to “Christmas Baking”

  1. truthsign Says:

    I will not, I will not, I will not let myself be tempted by that baking site. Lebkuchen (or in Austria rather than Germany, Weinbeisser) are one of my favourite things. But fortunately you can get them at Waitrose.

  2. ferijen Says:

    I was in Vienna last week and resisted buying Lebkuchen at every single Christmas market on the basis that I’d have fun making them at home.

    And now I know how to 🙂

    A few holes in them and they’ll be great for the tree…

  3. Nikki Says:

    Carol Symphony? The Hely-Hutchinson? because if it wasn’t, then that’s another one you can investigate!

  4. Dormouse Says:

    Hi Nikki, nice of you to drop by! Yes, it was the Hely Hutchinson one…the first time I heard it was at Cedars, when Mary – the deputy head before you came, I think – played the tape at the end of Christmas Assembly.