Decking the Halls

Decorating this year has been a bit of a challenge. We knew that if we put up our tree the Very Bad Kittens would be up it before you could say “We Wish You a Merry Christmas…” and every morning we’d be retrieving baubles from under the sofa, so we decided to mostly keep the decorations up high. (Well, I did. Left to Mr D, I don’t think we’d have any decorations. But I don’t mind. I like doing them)

So, last Friday, when I had no teaching jobs on, I spent the afternoon with my new Christmas CDs, decorating the living room. So here are some photos:

The Christmas Twigs

It’s a bit blurry. I really need to practice more with the camera. So we’ve got Christmas Twigs instead of a tree. They are quite jolly, with gold baubles piled in the vase. There’s a Nativity scene on the speaker. It’s one of those which should go round with candle-power (like these ) but we thought it too dangerous with the VBK and so I’ve fastened a straw angel where the “sails” should go.

Another Creche

This crèche is in the CD case you can see behind the speaker. It’s a tiny Mexican crèche that I’ve had for many years. The animals I’ve gathered slowly, they are mostly traditional Prvençal santons, and are totally not the right size – Jesus threatened by Monster Donkey Without Ears – I now buy an animal Santon a year for this crèche, as well as figures for three sets of friends. It’s Christmas presents sorted for many years to go! Sadly, due to the Economic crisis, Mary and Jesus who were sent to Guildford this year will have to wait until 2011 for Joseph to join them!

Christmas Candles

With cinnamon spiced pot pourri that I was given about five years ago, and which goes back in the decorations box every year. I’m not a huge pot pourri fan, but this is quite nice. It has sparkly bits and pine cones etc in the mix too, so it’s very pretty.

Our Christmas greeting with the beautiful shell Christmas Angel. She usually goes on the tree, but not this year. The sewing lady is a Santon too, but she’s out all year round. We have a Santon shop in one of the nearby villages, so it’s easier to buy them now. We usually get them at the Lyon Festival-of-Lights and Christmas Market, but this year we didn’t go…it’s the first time we’ve missed it since we’ve been here, but as my injuries from the fall in September are not healed, we thought it best if we had a break this year.

This star is balanced on a picture on the chimney breast. Usually it goes on the tree, but again, not this year (or probably next, if we’re brutally honest!)

And here you can see it precariously balanced on the picture. You can also see the tinselly stuff wrapped around the star lights that are up around the top of the room.


On another note, here are my wonderfully warm slippers that I bought with my birthday money from my MiL. Thanks Pat!

Happy Feet! Cosy Feet!


And finally, here is George enjoying Football Focus on TV

How did Man United do then?

No. You can't watch "Strictly Come Dancing."

Edited to add: Yes, I can see George is watching the results for the SPL, so they wouldn’t have Man Utd’s results on. But he’s only a cat. He wouldn’t know that!


2 Responses to “Decking the Halls”

  1. Agatha Says:

    Of course the cat knows Man U don’t play in the SPL, you are just trying to cover up for the fact you don’t!

  2. Ian Says:

    Wonderful and very festive decorations; I hope you have a joyous and blessed Christmas [the slippers will keep you warm 😀 ].