Les Restos du Coeur

Les Restos du Coeur are an organisation that provides meals for the homeless or for people on very low incomes. You can read more about it (in French) here.

In March Carrefour & Danone are holding a grand day of donations. If people publicise it on their blog, each mention on a different blog equals 10 meals donated by Carrefour/Danone. Thus I am publicising it. As I’ve got a bit of a problem inserting pictures at the moment (but the Wonderful Mr Chris is going to try to sort it out sometime) I can’t add a logo, but you can find out more about how to get involved (in French) here.

So I’m publicising it, and hopefully (if I follow all the other steps correctly) adding another 10 meals to the pot. Can you guys possibly do the same?


On another note: it’s raining here, but Mr D is hoping that a few more metres up in the mountains it’s snowing. He’s gone skiing with friends & their friends. Me? *sigh* I’m going to work in about half an hour…But don’t feel too sorry for me. I am not, in any shape or form, a skiier. 🙂

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2 Responses to “Les Restos du Coeur”

  1. Floss Says:

    Ah yes, I’ve discovered I am not a skiier either! Thanks for pointing this out to me. Ben volunteers for the Restos and will be collecting for them outside our Carrefour Market (cringe at name) while I take the boys to the UK this half term! It will be a good thing to link a post about that with this offer.

  2. Travelling… somewhere, somehow » Blog Archive » Les Restos du Coeur Says:

    […] français est très mal…and practically non-existent, but as per Dormouse’s post, Les Restos du Coeur, an organisation that provides meals for the homeless and those on low […]