1K km 4 1K € Week 1 update

OK, so I won’t KEEP doing updates. I can’t help thinking that would get very boring. I’ll restrict myself to once a week now, just to let you know if I am on target.

Which this week I am. My first week’s cycling (I go from Tuesday to Tuesday) and I hit my target: 37 km.

It wasn’t particularly easy riding, but with the beautiful weather I certainly enjoyed it (mostly. Some “up” bits were less enjoyable!) Of course, I can’t rest on my laurels. It’s not 37 km I’ve got to do, but 1,000, so next week has to be the same as this…and the one after that…and the one after that!

I’m hoping that within another two/three weeks I’ll feel ready to join the Cycle Club on their rides. At the moment Group 3 are doing about 30 km on a Saturday afternoon; as I’m struggling after 15 I think I need a couple more weeks out on my own, getting fitter and then I can join them. I’m not being negative (Note, Mr D! 🙂 ) I’m just doing this at the pace I want to do it at.

I want to add a Thank You to two more donors.

My niece Ruth has promised £15, and my sister&brother-in-law have sent a cheque for £20. Thank you both very much. It’s really appreciated. The more money I raise, the more embarrassing it would be to give back IF I failed (which I’m not going to do!)

So here’s the Totaliser

Date Distance cycled Distance to go Money raised Money to go
03.03.11 8 992 106€ 894€
05.03.11 22 978 106€ 894€
09.03.11 37 963 136€* 864€

*£ to € conversions are rounded to the nearest €


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