Lucky Me! Part 2

I received my other OWOH “door prize” at the weekend… Lynne, over at this site, has sent me some beautiful beads. My photography isn’t good, so I shall direct you to my earlier post where you can see a photograph of the Star of the show. But that wasn’t all I received from Lynne. Oh no! I also received enough matching/coordinating beads to add to my necklace, plus a delightful fish bead. He is all googly eyes with a splendid tail. How talented Lynne is to make such gorgeous things. I am so grateful to Lisa who organised OWOH, as I met some interesting Bloggers and received two fab prizes. I still haven’t decided how to spend my vouchers yet…

I’m in the process of making two “Thank You” cards, for Lynne and Amanda, but my Sunday crafting was interrupted. I’d forgotten I’d agreed to go to the Loto afternoon at the local collège. There’s 4 hours of my life I won’t get back! Not exactly the most scinitillating of afternoons, although it was good to spend time with friends I’d not seen for a while – during the winter we do tend to hibernate a little, but with the coming of Spring, we’re beginning to emerge, a little crumpled and still sleepy…Things will liven up soon, I’m sure! Anyway, I’ll finish the cards next weekend (no time before then, I’m afraid. I just have this window of this morning to do my ironing, prepare for a meeting of the Artisans on Thursday, catch up on my blogging & emails, then off to work I go.  Otherwise this week’s a little bit full.)

What other news? None, really. Our friends, Cathy & Steve, will be out here soon for Easter – and a bit longer. That’ll be nice. We tend to be a bit more sociable when they’re here, simply because they’re sort-of on holiday. (Only sort-of, as they’re renovating their house and have to work on it. But they’re a little less pressured than us what live ‘ere all the time…and this rubs off on us a bit too. ) Richard has left for the UK and Zambia. He is also renovating a house near St Just, but is the link between us and Chisomo – the school I’m supporting with my 1K km 4 1K€ challenge . So friends are coming and going. ..and helpfully bring us goodies from the UK when they come back! We don’t really miss, or need, many of the things they bring, but it is nice to have little tastes of home. For me, it includes Tunnock’s Caramel wafers

and Branston Baked Beans, plus a couple of English glossies – Good Housekeeping, She, Olive, Good Food…that sort of thing. I like some good curry sauces & naan breads too: not quite as good as a takeaway, but almost. For Mr D it’s Assam tea, English beer (damn, I forgot to ask Cathy for that! Must remember to ask Richard instead!), and maybe a Saturday Guardian. For Gerome, who is French but lived in the UK for many years, it’s definitely Custard Creams!

Pomme is happy, sitting on the Z-Bed in the sunshine – somewhere where George is unlikely to mither her – while Millie is snoozing on the back of the sofa downstairs. George, typical adolescent, is mooching around, looking for trouble.

And I am not really looking forward to work. I’m teaching a Module at the moment – 1.5 hours every day, same time, same place, same students. I’m not really enjoying it, but I don’t know why: maybe it’s the regularity, or the method I’m using, or maybe the fact that with one student way better than the other two, and obviously a bit bored, I don’t feel I’m doing the best for him. The other two are OK, because the method is about the right level for them, reviewing & revising stuff they need to practice, but for the 3rd student it’s stuff he’s very confident with, and so he’s a bit grumpy and not engaged in the lessons. But there’s not much I can do: I’ve been instructed to teach to the level of the weaker students, so C. has to lump it, really. I console myself with the fact he’s learning vocabulary, as he busily writes down the idiomatic phrases and business language that they’re learning. But I still feel he’s in the wrong group – but it’s up to him to speak to the Language Centre and change groups, not me.

So that’s where we are. Sunshiney and bright today as well. Spring is On It’s Way!

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One Response to “Lucky Me! Part 2”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I just got your card the other day and it is SO gorgeous… thank you so much for that. I’m hanging it on my door in my room.