Enjoying a few days of leisure

I decided to give myself a short Easter holiday, so cancelled my lessons for yesterday and today. I was tempted to take the whole week, but have a student who is desperate to continue his lessons as he goes to the US in a few weeks and speaks very little English. So I’ve taken pity on Albert and I’m back to work tomorrow.

On Good Friday I was working, and took along Hot Cross Buns for students and staff to try. They were a little dry – but extraordinarily sticky too! – but generally met with approval.

but I was also leading the Good Friday meditative service at church in the evening. I used a resource recommended by someone on the Ship, which was great. We passed various symbols of the crucifixion among the congregation – a crown of thorns, nails, vinegar etc – to touch, smell, taste, and I used some well chosen (thanks Mr D!) music as well.

My friend Jean made the beautiful big cross, which I shall keep now and use every Good Friday service!

Over the weekend I didn’t do much as I was still full of cold. I went for a cycle ride by myself, managing 17 km. I’m way behind target again, thanks to this cold stopping me from doing very much, but I’m not too worried. A couple of weeks’ outings with the Club and I’ll have caught up! We watched and enjoyed Doctor Who, and look forward to the rest of the series (though I do find Amy Pond very annoying) and we chilled with friends.

On Monday Cathy and I did the Marche Aux Violettes at Cremaux. This is an organised walk – there are various distances from 5.5 km to 40 km – where you pay to take part, and refreshments are provided at the start, finish and various points in between. It was a beautiful day – rain was forecast but didn’t arrive. Here are some photos:






We decided to just do the 5.5 km walk, as my feet aren’t very happy at the moment. Had there been something between 5.5 and 10 we might have been tempted by that, but there wasn’t. Unfortunately, we didn’t see many violets, but there were loads of other wild flowers and we heard frogs being amourous! Half way round we stopped for a glass of rosé (though we could have had squash, water or lemon drink as well) and some brioche-and-chocolate (apples, cakes, and biscuits also on offer!) and had another glass when we got back…Ah! The joys of France!!!

We also paid a miserly 7,50€ for a delicious coq au vin, followed by a millefeuille cake (custard slice to you!) in the local café when we reached the finish. Then I had a coffee back at Cathy’s, sitting in the sun and relaxing.

Yesterday I spent time making loads of cards. I had a great time. Here is a gallery of my cards.

And now, having made tomato soup and Coronation Chicken for lunch, I really should go and do my ironing. 🙁

ETA: I’m not sure quite WHY photos are multiplying and posting themselves several times over. But they are. Never mind. They’re quite nice photos!

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