Can’t Think Of An Appropriate Title

Just wanted to say how happy I am (I’m easily pleased!) I was in the Salle de Profs (Teachers’ Room) at Michelin today. They’vve been doing some sorting out and I found two bins stuffed full of card. Pristine. unused card.

“They can’t be throwing this out,” I thought. But also considered it wise to check.

“Yes,” said Sylvie. “It’s all going.” And she shrugged her shoulders.

So I dived in my schoolbag, pulled out a strong carrier bag and helped myself ! I’ve got 6 kg of card – pink, green, blue – plus some file dividers (used but easily recyclable) and some paper. And that wasn’t even half of what was going out! I felt greedy taking it, but kept thinking: if no-one else takes it, it’ll just go out! I can’t let that happen!!!

There were also some plastic filing trays going spare – cracked but usable – but really I don’t have any use for them. I thought I’d leave them for someone else.

So I can now make cards till the cows come home, have a snooze, go out again and come home for the second time! And when I make bookmarks for the Artisans’ events they really will cost me nothing! Big smiley face. 🙂


One Response to “Can’t Think Of An Appropriate Title”

  1. Floss Says:

    Isn’t it incredible how things get chucked out? Once at Ben’s work in the UK, they filled an empty room with the stuff to be got rid of and just said: ‘Help yourselves and anything left over will be binned’. That was more constructive than just putting it all in a skip; We are still using (9 years later???) some of the plastic files. I love to think that you will find it so useful.