I’ve been making quite a lot of cards as I’m planning on having a stall at the Huge Brocante and Vide Grenier next weekend. And then we have the Artisanat Expo d’été, with the theme of Noah’s Ark. I’ve made quite a few animal/bird themed cards for that, and some “vintage/shabby chic” type for next weekend.

But today I’ve made a one-off card for next weekend. It’s the wedding of two of our Cyclo Club members. We’ve been invited to form a guard of honour after the Mass, so we’ll turn up, hot and sweaty after our ride, to hold our pumps aloft (or whatever). I will need to buy a club shirt by then or else I’ll look very out of place. So I’ve made a card for Liliane and his bride (who’s name, I’m embarrassed to admit, I’ve forgotten)

I’m not sure how well you can see it, so here’s a slightly closer-up:

The unpleasant green/yellow/red mix on the maillots is not my choice – it’s our Club colours. Icky, but noticeable when you’re out on the road! And a translation of the roadsign: “Happiness”.


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