Happy, dancing Dormouse

I am a happy Dormouse on two counts today. Number 1 is that last week I received a little package from the workshop of Susan Faye at 365catladies I won her “Giveaway” of some stickers to go on the back of leters (D’oh! I’ve just realised I sent a letter to mum today and forgot to put a sticker on the back!) I love Susan’s work – so whimsical and cat-based. I’d love to have one of her custom pieces, with George, Milly and Pomme – and maybe a little “angelic” Pumpkin as well. Maybe when we feel a little bit richer! So a big thank you to Susan for my gift. I love it!

The second reason I’m feeling happy is due to the generosity of the Cyclo Club. They collected money for my cycle challenge, and came up with the princely sum of 208€ for me. That is so fantastic! I will really have to bake more cakes in gratitude. I’ve not done a count up recently, but certainly with this donation, I’m coming close to 600€, and maybe even more. I really must do a proper calculation sometime soon, but for now a huge big dancing Thank YOU! goes to Les Cyclos de St Just En Chevalet.

Having shown you some of my creations yesterday I thought I’d show you the mess in which they were created.

(Don’t forget you can click on the photos to get the full glory of the mess that is my study. These just show you half of the chaos!)

Every time I say “I’ll put things away between each card” and I never do! The piles on the desk get bigger and I spend time searching for pens/knives/glue etc under the piles of paper etc! Still, somehow I manage to keep creating – although I hate tidying away after myself.

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One Response to “Happy, dancing Dormouse”

  1. Ferijen Says:

    You make me feel tidy. And I still haven’t sent those stamps, promise I will sometime soon!