Rentrée Resolutions Take 3

This is the third time I’ve tried to post this, and the computer has eaten my previous attempts. And today I have been trying for Lord knows how long to import a “button” from another site. I’ve done it before, in the dim and distant past, but I can’t remember how. I save it to a file, I think everything is hunky-dory and This time I’ve managed it and then the file disappears from where it’s supposed to be. I think I am being more Techno-Idiot than usual. Which is saying Quite A Lot!

So, Floss, I’m sorry. I can’t get the button to load over here. But I am telling people about your lovely Book Giveaway. My blogging friend Floss, over at Troc,Broc et Recup’ is hosting a Giveaway to celebrate the return to school.

So, instead of Floss’s lovely “button” here is a picture of fresh faced children heading back to school

Here in France, and probably in other countries too, schools don’t provide the books and stationery that schools in the UK provide (or certainly used to, when I was teaching!). So the last month, the stationery aisles in the supermarkets have been manic as parents and children buy new bags, pens, pencils, paper, books…you name it, they buy it! When I was still living in the UK and coming to France for holidays I used to stock up on exercise books, which I used for my planning. They always seemed so much more stylish than the ones in WHSmith! And on Monday, children all trooped off to school, in their shiny new clothes, with their new stationery in new knapsacks, or in the cute wheeled trolleys that so many of them have now (I covet the Hello Kitty one that I saw!)

So, the beginning of a new school year is a good time to make resolutions, and Floss is encouraging us to say what ours are. For me, I think I ought to resolve to get back on the Weight Loss Wagon. I did very well from January to about May, losing a good 9 kg (18 lb) but then summer came, with long evenings of aperos, nibbles and salads (with lots of dressings and mayonnaise!) And chocklit. The glasses that I use for my wine got bigger, and the handfuls of crisps more frequent. Sigh. So, with my return to sandwich lunches, I shall try to cut down on the calorie input a little.

My other resolution is to continue with my Art/Prayer journalling. This is something I’ve only recently started: taking a verse that has been whirling around in my head, and illustrating it, with calligraphy, paint, crayon. Adding my own thoughts and words. And trying to listen to what God is saying to me as I work on it. I’ve produced two interesting pieces, that have reflected my thoughts and led me to a conversation with God. I’ve got to get over the idea that I’m trying to create “perfect” pieces of art, but rather that these are a channel for God to speak to me, and me to express to him how I’m feeling.

Floss asked us to choose two books, a “Frivolous” choice and a “Worthy” choice. I chose a novel for my frivolous choice, and have hummed and hahed between the worthy ones. I think maybe I should have plumped for The Happiness Project but I’ve left it up to Floss. As I become more menopausal (possibly TMI!) I seem to be subject to mood swings more and more, usually erring towards the ore depressed side of the arc. I need to learn to “Count my Blessings” more. It’s not a phrase I like, as it sounds a bit twee, but it is something I’m aware of, as I become crabby and unpleasant towards dear, patient Mr D. Maybe this will help me!

But I’m going to be cheerier on Saturday nights. Doctor Who is on, and Strictly starts next week. Woo-hoo!

Shiny frocks and sequins, followed by monsters and The Doctor. Perfick!


2 Responses to “Rentrée Resolutions Take 3”

  1. Carolyn Phillips Says:

    Yay for Strictly Dr Who!

  2. Floss Says:

    Dr Who – reasons to be cheerful indeed! My boys only read Dr Who – we don’t have sattelite TV and they find the DVDs they’ve seen at friends’ houses terrifying! But they love the annuals and books that friends pass on to them. Don’t I make them sound deprived..?

    This is a great post – thanks so much for the link and your resolutions. The Art/Prayer journalling sounds like a really good idea. I think Pop Pom does something a bit like it too – have you seen any of her Lent posts on the subject? But it’s clearly different for each person.