They’re the wrong colour!

Today I’ve woken up grumpy. It’s what I call to myself “a bunch of flowers” day – which is not a good thing. It is to say, if you gave me a bunch of flowers, I’d complain they were the wrong colour.

In fact, today, it wouldn’t matter if Alan Rickman

Johnny Depp

and Dr Brian Cox

clubbed together to buy me a bunch of flowers – and delivered it themselves! – I think I’d still be complaining!!!



Actually, having trawled through photos of these three, I’m starting to feel a bit brighter!! 🙂


2 Responses to “They’re the wrong colour!”

  1. Floss Says:

    It’s a nice bunch you have here! I was mentioning Brian Cox to Ben this morning (he started it – he was telling me how Alice Roberts was photogenic). I do hope you’ve manage to get your day onto a more cheerful track now – I’m hoping that a short while blogging will do the same for me, before I have to get on with tidying…

  2. Carolyn Phillips Says:

    Brian Cox has such a lovely smile.