Food, glorious Food

Just to remind anyone who might possibly be interested that I’m recording my “Adventures with River Cottage Veg Every Day” over on my other blog…Fat Dormouse Getting Thinner

I received the recipe book for Christmas, and decided to try to cook almost all the recipes in it. I’ve given myself a get-out-of-jail card with beetroot, which Mr D detests, and possibly with goats’ cheese, another of Mr D’s hatreds,  but other than that I’m going to try them all, whether I like the sound of them or not. I’m including links to as many of the recipes as I can, and commenting on their success (or otherwise) So if you like food and want to try some new vegetarian recipes, you might want to pop over…


4 Responses to “Food, glorious Food”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Some of those dishes look lovely! I really can’t justify buying *another* recipe book, we already have hundreds, and HD generally cooks delicious food of his own (it’s me that needs the recipe book). But some of them look delicious! mmmmmmm

  2. Jan Says:

    Can I undo the good from that book by suggesting the River Cottage Bread book #3! LOL. I’ve made bread for many years but learnt heaps from this book. (If you should buy it, get the right edition, there is a USA edition.)

    Actually, I’ve been thinking fairly hard about that particular book on vegetables. Haven’t quite succumbed yet.

  3. Dormouse Says:

    But you don’t need to buy a cookbook – just follow the links on my blog and you can get a lot of the recipes for free!!! But I wouldn’t really recommend Macaroni Peas.

  4. thistlewood farm Says:

    Andrea over at the cottage market has a great feature called “meatless Mondays” that would work well with your vegetarian dishes.