Tee Hee!

This morning Mr D spent several minutes wandering around the house muttering darkly about “the little bugger…” George, one of the Very Bad Kittens, has become obsessed by the sheepskin inner soles in Mr D’s slippers. Whenever MrD takes off his slippers, George is there in a flash, stealing the inner sole and running off with it. He knows he’s doing A Bad Thing, because he looks very guilty (is that possible, I wonder) and he will not let us catch him to retrieve the furry delight. It now appears that George has learned that when Mr D isn’t here, he will have taken off his slippers and hidden them in the wardrobe downstairs – because Georg opened the door to the wardrobe (Mr D, learn to lock it!) and sneaked in to steal the inner sole after MrD had gone out!The furry delight (that’s the inner sole, not George!) was eventually found stashed under the armchair in the living room.

I’m just off now to Margaret’s. She’s going to attempt to teach me to crochet. I think she may have her work cut out!



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