Tee-hee, again!

We were woken this morning by a scratchy, rustly sound. Scratch, rustle-rustle, scratch. Sleepily I put on the light: Millie looked up guiltily from the shiny silver paper she’d fished out of the wastepaper bin, and was chasing around the bedroom.

“Bloody cats”, I murmured, and turned the light out.

“Earlier I heard a small clinking, rustling sound and went to investigate,” Mr D remarked as I drifted back to sleep. “It was George…He’d found your crochet bag and was running off with it!”


( see here for further misdemeanors on the part of George and my crochet!)

Here is George-the-Kitten, at the tender age of 22 days (aaah! Isn’t he cute!?) Would you ever have guessed he would have turned out to be such a junior delinquent? If there were such things, he’d surely have a cat ASBO by now. (A CASBO, one assumes.)

And here’s Millie, at the same age. By then, George had been named, as we had chosen him soon after his birth; however, we didn’t know that we were going to end up with Millie – at that time, she was destined to go to another home. But a couple of weeks later, the person decided they didn’t want a tabby cat, so Beautiful Millie was threatened with “The Bucket”. Look at her – could you have let that happen? Of course not. We had to have her. And so she was named Mildred.  “George and Mildred” was a TV series in thelate seventies, so it seemed appropriate that George’s sister became known as Mildred.

Here are Yootha Joyce & Brian Murphy in the title roles. Frankly I think our George and Mildred are much more attractive!

Don’t forget to enter my 200-post giveaway! Further details can be found here. I still haven’t charged up my camera batteries – it’s happening as I type – so I can’t post a picture of the magazine from 1924 that I’m offering as part of the giveaway. Hopefully I’ll remember to do it tomorrow.

And I was honoured to be mentioned in Kari’s summary of the Impossibilities Challenge. Pooh Bear got his photo featured too – only right for a monk-turned-top-model!!! It was fun trying…and I will get back to trying to crochet, some time (when I’ll probably find I’ve forgotten what to do!)

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