Those Bad, Bad Kittens!

Two Very Bad Kitten tales today.

1) Mr D got home from skiing with friends yesterday, just as I got home from work. He went upsatairs.

“What have you done with my bedside rug?” he yelled to me.

“Nothing. Why?”

“Where is it then?!”

Sure enough the bedside rug had completely disappeared. We groped under the bed (there’s a gap of approximately 5cm from floor to bottom of the bed. ) but no sign of it. We considered a very discerning burglar (?), we wondered if the VBK had somehow dragged it downstairs to the cellar. We had no idea what had happened.

Here you can see a similar bed to ours.                     Finally, Mr D took out the drawer that is under the mattress, and lo! Somehow the VBK had folded the rug up enough to drag it under the bed – note the fact that there are “feet” midway along the side of the bed, so they had to somehow manouvre the rug past them too! We still don’t know whether it was a game, or whether the rug had got caught in claws, but as Millie has learned how to open the drawers, I guess she was under-and-inside the bed, and George was outside, and as they played patapaw with each other the rug got dragged under.

But you should have seen us, scratching our heads, totally mystified about where the rug had gone!

2) As just mentioned, Millie has learned how to open the drawers, and so, on cold nights, will open the drawer, hop in, and nestle among the cycling clothes that we keep there, or, if she fancies a change, she goes under-and-inside the bed to the other drawer, where we keep our tatty DIY/painting clothes. She drives Mr D wild with tiny scratchy noises in the middle of the night, while I snore my way, undisturbed, through till morning.

Now, we are not saying that what happened next was deliberate, but I have my suspicions… Yesterday evening, at bedtime, we couldn’t find Pomme. We went all around, calling “Pomme! Pomme!” No sign of her. Finally, Mr D heard a plaintive little mew coming from under the bed: somehow she’d got trapped under-and-inside the bed. I can’t help but imagine the two Very Bad Kittens ganging up on Pomme: Millie opening the drawer, George luring Pomme into it, and then the two of them leaping out and slamming the drawer shut, with Pomme inside!

Perhaps they should be renamed the Evil Kittens!


4 Responses to “Those Bad, Bad Kittens!”

  1. Floss Says:

    Ooh, plotting now! Our cat just does superior stares, but the boys think he defiantly and deliberately waves his bottom at the dog…

    Thanks for your comments about P in L. I think we’re getting somewhere with the theme ideas.

  2. SiL Says:

    Ha Ha, poor pomme, liked the CASBO idea, we have a certain cat here on one of those, for bullying, general bad behaviour and vandalism of the home!! Guess which cat??!! (lets just say it’s not Rosie!!)

  3. thistlewood farm Says:

    You need to write a book about the adventures of those kittens! I always love to read your posts! You are the best writer.


  4. Pauleen Says:

    They may be VBK or VEK but they’re clever, and funny!