The Eagle of the Ninth

I know this is cheating a bit, but I want to tell people who don’t read my other blog what we did last night, because it was so enjoyable. So here’s a cut-n-paste from Fat Dormouse:

We had an enjoyable evening last night – Mr FD and I went up to see Cathy. Our friend Richard was there, with the two boys from next door. We had dips (courtesy of River Cottage, we had  bean & artichoke dip , houmous, and a made-up-as-I-went-along salmon (tinned) and cream cheese dip) then pizzas, then very creamy desserts, courtesy of Carrefour, via Richard. We watched “The Eagle” on the big screen

which we all enjoyed, although it was only loosely based on the wonderful, wonderful Rosemary Sutcliff book:

I have a version, called “Three Legions” which includes three of her Roman Britain stories. Meant for young teenagers, I still enjoy reading them today. I felt the film showed a lot of (beautiful) scenery and riding through Wild Scotland, plus a lot of chasing (a little bit like Doctor Who – there’s always rather too many shots of The Doctor running about) and lacked some of the excitement of the book. But, isn’t that often the case with films of books? Here is a really interesting article from The Guardian about the books, about the author and about the journalist’s reaction to the book. I’ve now lent my copy to Max and Joe – I hope they enjoy it as much as I did!

Have you ever seen a film that was better, or at least as good as, the book it was based on?

I apologise for the sporadic postings. I know I should post more often than once a week – my blogging friend Ang sometimes posts twice or even thrice a day! And always something interesting or quirky. I don’t think my life provides enough quirk to manage that, but I should make the effort to post twice a week, I feel.  I shall try harder!

And a quick PS – I’ve not heard any news about Paul, the old man who collapsed in church last week. Thank you though to those who have prayed for him. I will update you when I have heard.


One Response to “The Eagle of the Ninth”

  1. Smudgie Says:

    Oh, Eagle of the Ninth is probably my favourite book by one of my utterly most favouritest authors. Like you, I find Rosemary Sutcliffe immensely readable, despite her writing being mainly aimed at the teenage market. I first read Eagle of the Ninth as a class novel at school and amazingly the teacher failed to spoil it for me. I was hooked.

    Haven’t yet brought myself to watch the film as I want the Smudgelet to read the book first. I will somehow have to get over my reluctance to have my imagined characters and beloved story-line molested by the film version. Once you’ve seen the film, your memory of the actual novel is never quite the same again.