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First of all, let me share a picture of the birthday card I’ve made for Gilles’ birthday (see earlier post) (Click on it for a better view – my photos aren’t very good, I’m afraid!) It says “Being one year older, Gilles needed a little more help to reach the top of Mont Ventoux”. To explain, he climbed Mont Ventoux (by bike) last year, and plans on doing the same this year – only three times! –  so I thought he might need some mountain goats to help him! (I’ve just thought, a better caption might have been “By the time he was climbing Mont Ventoux for the third time, Gilles needed a little help” Oh well, too late now!

Other photos are from when Mum was here.

This is the Puy de Dome, which we were unable to ascend as they are building a railway to the summit at the moment. It should be ready for Summer 2012.

But we did climb the Puy de Pariou (as you can see, the weather was, er, a little bracing, to say the least!!!) I forget my mum is 83 next month! She was quicker than me getting up there!

We visited the picturesque village of St Jean-St Maurice, not far from here, which is on one of the routes through Le Puy En Velay to the pilgrim trail to Santiago de CompostelaHere’s a view of the tower, from which I took the previous picture, and here’s some of the stained glass in the church(sorry the photos are so rubbish!)And here’s a picture of Pomme. We were having dinner, the night mum arrived, and Pomme was quietly sitting on the chair while we ate. After the meal we sat chatting, and suddenly Pomme hopped onto the table, into the (empty) bread basket and settled down!!! Not to be outdone, when we carried Pomme (+ basket!) into the living room, George decided he wanted a piece of the Basket Action

Don’t worry, we washed and Anti-Bac-Sprayed the basket before using it again!

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3 Responses to “Various photos”

  1. Katrin Says:

    Aww, your pets are so adorable! :)))
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I will definitely follow yours! It is lovely!

  2. Ian Says:

    Well done Mum of Dormouse! What an inspiration. And nice of George to let you use the basket when he was finished. 🙂

    Beautiful photos, certainly not rubbish: thank you for sharing them.

    I loved the card (the goats are so cute! 🙂 ), and loved the plates from the last post: I may try my hand at that for my nieces or friends…thank you, and thank you Kelly.

  3. Pauleen Says:

    hi Fat Dormouse, thanks for being my swap partner. Would you mind if we emailed re our swap project? Feel free to send to me at the address provided. I am enjoying reading your blog posts and learning more about you. I see you love your cats as much as we do though we only have one. The ginger fellow reminds me of one we had a while back (with a normal tabby)…no way would Ginger Megs have fitted in a basket that size. He’d have needed a laundry basket! As to climbing the mountain: you and your mum must be way fitter than I am. Look forward to getting to know you. BTW I’m in Australia -I see you are in France.