Two Weeks In…

Well, the first week was the worst week ever since I was on teaching practice! (and that was when I was young and full of energy…!) There were some of the teachers up planning until 2 or 3 am because of the crazy way the school is set up…We didn’t know our groups that we were teaching until Monday noon, and were teaching them Monday at 1 o’clock! Thus we were planning on the hop from the very beginning. My Gastronomy was a complete disaster (although the making of ice-cream-in-a-bag worked beter than I expected ~ so maybe not a complete disaster!) and come Friday evening we were all wiped out. There was a Teachers’ Meeting that ended badly (shouting/ crying and other OT&E outbursts) but then we went down the pub and had a really chilled evening.

Over the weekend I spent time by myself, chilling, reading, walking, planning…and I went to church. I honestly didn’t realise how much I had missed the familiar Anglican liturgy, until the words rolled over me and I found myself feeling as though I was wrapped in a cosy, well loved blanket. It was so what I needed.

The las week has been much, much better because of the advance planning. Instead of trying to plan for 4 hour-and-a-half lessons every evening, I was planning for two, because over the weekend I’d been able to plan the Gastronomy workshops and my “tutorials” (these are class lessons about the trips out and a revision/finishing off lesson) . I was able to knock off before 8.30 most evenings and felt so much more relaxed. I’ve been reading more, and chatting more, and been able to support colleagues more.

The girls (sorry, women) I’ve become most friendly with are brilliant ~ really laid back and chilled. It’s been a great help to have people here who are on the same wave length to moan to and to laugh with. Some of the other teachers are more immature and giggly, so to have the friends I have is a great relief. I couldn’t have stood it had everyone been like them!!! They’re fine on a day-to-day working basis, but not to relax with…They even managed to set the fire alarm off last weekend. Not the students – the teachers!!!!

So, there you are. If you’d asked me last weekend if I’d ever come back, the answer would have been a resounding NO! Now…well, let’s say it’s more of a possibility! Thanks for all your supportive comments etc. They have helped keep me going.


2 Responses to “Two Weeks In…”

  1. Pauleen Says:

    It sounds like it was a baptism of fire through no fault of the teachers. It’s good to know that it’s settled down and that you have the support of simpatico souls to keep you on the level. How are the kids going? are they okay and not too stressful? I’m intrigued by ice cream in a bag. good luck with the coming week.

  2. Ian Says:

    I also am intrigued by ice-cream in a bag.

    Hurrah for your strength, endurance and perseverance in getting through the first week. And hurrah for a better second week and great friendships.