Sizzling Hot

The heat continues here in the Pays d’Urfé…after a miserable summer, suddenly the thermometer is hitting all kinds of highs. Our house has thick walls, and stays coolish (the big downstairs room is the coolest), but the cats in their little furry suits are suffering a little. They find shady spots and lie, stretched out, on cool tiles, or perch on the bookshelf where there’s a semblance of a draught.


I’ve spent the past two days in my study, sorting through my papers: since I moved my study downstairs, two years ago, there has been a pile of papers to sort out, which has got bigger and bigger. I finally got down to it on Monday. Most have been recycled, but I’ve also filed a lot and reorganised my teaching folders. The shelves look tidier, and it has meant I could move two box files of papers (shh…I still need to sort through them) from my “craft area” so I have more room there too.

With the heat, things have been a bit sticky in the study, but I’ve nearly finished. I should think that by the end of the morning my study will be sorted. Apart from the craft shelves, that is. I should have taken a photo of before and after (apparently the most “successful” blogs always have photographs) but never mind.

The Travelling Fair arrives this week – it’s the St Just Fete Patronale – Last year Mr D had a contretemps with the owners of the Casino Lorry. I thought I’d blogged about it, but can’t find the post, so maybe not. The huge lorry blocked our post box, and Mr D, having complained politely to the owners, got into a bit of a slanging match which ended up with him being threatened by a large traveller with a metal pole.  Fun. Mr D is already getting worked up about what might happen this year, but, as I’ve said, if he’s not there, they can’t threaten him or abuse him…and so what if they do block the postbox? But, for him, I think it’s partly the principal of the whole thing, whereas me, I’d forget my prnciples for a quiet life! I fear he will be out there again, making his Point, and possibly causing bad feeling between them and us.

Hopefully, the set up of the fair will go without a battle, and we are actually decamping for the nights when the fair is here. We’re going to sleep up at our friend’s house, so we can have the windows open and relax, without having tinny Euro-pop blaring out until the last teenager has left the Dodgems at 1.00 am. Last year it rained, so the whole affair was a damp squib, closing at 9.00 because no-one was there; however, the forecast is for cooler, but still dry, weather, so I guess the fair may well do good business.

We’d hoped to be away – we had thought about going over to see Floss’s part of the world – but Mr D is now working at the local supermarket, and couldn’t get the time off as they are already short staffed. So we’ll be up at l’Allée at night (and the Kitties will have to bear the music alone) and come back down to the centre of the village during the day. There’s still music and people, of course, because of the processions and other attractions connected with the Fete, but we won’t be trying to sleep!

Anyway..I won’t finish sorting out the study if I don’t get a move on. So I’m going to stop blogging and turn on some music. If you’re of a praying bent, please lift the whole Travelling Fair business up and pray for a peaceful outcome. Thanks.


One Response to “Sizzling Hot”

  1. Pauleen Says:

    I’m so impressed by all that study-sorting…do you want to come and do mine 😉 Sounds like the annual fair is a double-edged sword and Mr D is not a happy man. I’d be like him, steaming. Glad you can escape the noise at night…perhaps the VBK will become CGK or VVBK. Look forward to photos of the new look study.