Weekend away

We’ve just had a lovely weekend away – I had an appointment in Lyon yesterday and we’d not had a holiday, so we took the opportunity to go away for a few days. We stayed in a lovely hotel the first night (you can find out more about the food we ate over at Fat Dormouse Getting Thinner ) and then went to a great Chambres d’Hotes for a couple of nights.

We drove over to Aix-les-Bains…the weather wasn’t great but we went for a stroll along the prom:

Mr D gets splashed by a wave from the lake


the yachts all look a bit sad in the grey weather

OK, so where’s the nearest Decathlon?

Explanation: Mr D loves Decathlon, and wanted to buy a towel so we could go swimming (yes really) He also needed something for his bike. So he was looking for the nearest Decathlon on his Smartphone; he found one 5 minutes drive away = happy Mr D.

We went to Chambery for a wander around – I tried to take some “arty” shots – I don’t know how successful I was.

Mr D took this one.


I liked the house, bridging the narrow street


and this sign advertising a dressmakers shop


After lunch, the rain started in earnest, so we went for a drive in the mountains…just for something to do, really. (Sorry, I think I’ve made this next picture far too big!!)

After this we arrived at our Chambres d’Hotes. Here is a link to their website, and you can find out more about the wonderful meals we had at Fat Dormouse Getting Thinner.

Our suite was decorated on a Moroccan theme – here are some photos

I loved the shadows from this light on the wall


The bed was draped, a little like a Bedouin tent

…with a little table, set for a glass of mint tea…


Well, it’s time for me to go and prepare our low fat meal for tonight – after everything we ate while we were away, I think we really ought to be fasting for the next few days!! I’ll tell you about Sunday tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Weekend away”

  1. Trish Says:

    Wonderful pictures, so glad you had a good break.

  2. Katrin Says:

    Oh wow, such a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures. My favorite is the one with the house over the street.