“My cat’s breath…

…smells of cat food” So says Ralph Wiggum on The Simpsons.

Today, I feel like I smell of cat litter!!!

  • I’ve gone over to Agri Sud Est and bought 30litres of litter (I took my suitcase on wheels to carry it back! I must have looked a bit of a twerp!)
  • I have emptied, cleaned and refilled five litter trays (FIVE! And still the little b@*µ%^# pooh on the cellar floor!),
  • I’ve washed the toilet floor where one little darling decided to pee out of the tray,
  • I’ve disinfected and washed the bin in which a binbag full of cat litter had spilt and emptied,
  • I’ve taken two binbags full of litter over to the big communal bin, rather than put them in our bin (where they split!)
  • and I’ve vacuumed the floor where one of the bags I was taking to the bin split and left a trail of litter!

(not one of our cats)

Quite frankly I think I’ve done with cat litter for today!!! I’m going to have a shower and get changed, because even if I really don’t smell of cat litter (and all the other odours attached to litter!) I feel as though I do!!

with five litter trays to change…Yes, I DID have to get the cheap litter!!!


3 Responses to ““My cat’s breath…”

  1. Katrin Says:

    Haha, I know what you are talking about! )
    Love the pictures!

  2. balaam Says:

    We went through this with one kitten. We trained the kitty to use the litter only to find the little b@$t@rd would come in to use the litter tray.

    Now she’s adult and realises that for a cat the outside world is her toilet – except when it rains. Litter trays are still important.

  3. Pauleen Says:

    Springer would never dirty his paws with real-life soil. However now he’s a tough macho moggie, he will go wherever it suits, including the pot plants (hence why they now have stones across the top, as he HATES stones). And he’s pathetic at getting his rear end hanging over the edge. Ahh, I LOL about this post Alison. Fun and something all cat lovers can relate to….but FIVE!