Sad thing to see…

I am not in favour of hunting, but, at least, here in France, it is generally understood that you eat what you kill – sanglier (wild boar), rabbits, deer. Most Saturday and Sunday you will see or hear the hunters out – the horn, the dogs barking, and sometimes – rather disconcertingly – men with rifles slung nonchalantly over their shoulders.

Most hunters look after their dogs quite well, although they do stay outside in kennels or runs, rather than being pampered indoors pets. They will be microchipped, and wear collars with phone numbers attached. But some are less caring, and, of course, it is inevitable that sometimes the dogs, let out to run and chase the prey, will get lost in the forest and not find their way home.

I was at the vets with Pomme today – she was there for her annual vaccinations – and a man came in with a young, pitifully thin hunting dog, asking if the vet could check for a microchip or tattoo. He had found it wandering lost and frightened, and while she was a lovely dog, he couldn’t keep her, having four dogs of his own already. If I hadn’t have known exactly what Mr D would have said (not to mention Pomme, George, Millie and Bib!) I would have taken her like a shot! He left, carrying he, to take her to the SPA.

If only the owner had the care to microchip or tattoo her! But then, the French attitude to animals is different: we have generous, caring friends, who won’t neuter their cat because it’s too expensive, and then, if she gives birth, drown the kittens as they are born! I have said my piece to them, but … At least we were able to take George and Millie, so they didn’t meet The Bucket.

Let’s hope Lovely Hunting Dog finds a second owner who will love her and care for her as she deserves.



2 Responses to “Sad thing to see…”

  1. Katrin Says:

    This makes me very very sad…

  2. Dormouse Says:

    I know, Katrin. Any maltreatment of animals makes me sad – and angry too!