The name is, apparently, Bond…

Yes, together with a lot of people, we went to see “Skyfall” the new James Bond movie.

We went to see it in Lyon – where there were many showings of it in VO. The theatre was packed – I don’t think there was a spare seat there – and not everyone was Anglophone, by any stretch of the imagination. As MrD said, many people (him included) would much rather see a film with subtitles than dubbed.

I really enjoyed it. I’m not a huge James Bond fan, and Daniel Craig isn’t my first choice Bond (mine is Pierce Brosnan) but he played 007 well. There is a slight running joke about age/active service catching up on him, and I warmed to him much more in this. The villain is fairly believable, and, in all, I found the film much more “down to earth” than many earlier stories, and although I’ve heard tell that there are plot holes you can drive a bus through, I didn’t spot them, maybe because I wasn’t looking for them. I didn’t go to find things to criticise, but just to enjoy myself. The obligatory love scenes weren’t long, and pseudo-“sexy”, and there weren’t Bond girls a-plenty.  I won’t give away any of the plot, but yes, I’d recommend it.

We then went out to a restaurant for a meal too. It was a Lyonnaise Bouchon (a traditional restaurant selling Lyonnaise food) The name of this one (“Bouchon Carnivore”) gave a hint that it’s not somewhere to take vegetarians! I had a very ordinary onion soup (I’ve made better myself) but the fricasée of chicken was delicious and the Tarte aux pralines (very pink) was tasty too- though very sweet. It is also a speciality of the Lyonnaise region.

Dear Mr D drove there and back – on the way home the CD player was playing lively music very loudly, as it was getting onto midnight, and he was tired. Thank you, Mr D, and sorry about being parsimonious and po-faced when you wanted liver. (He’ll understand!)


On a film related topic, we also watched the DVD of the Aardman animation “Pirates and Scientists”. I enjoyed it a lot, and it was quite amusing.


3 Responses to “The name is, apparently, Bond…”

  1. magsmcc Says:

    Finally Teapot has loaded and I am so glad because I have been wanting to read your Daniel Craig! I’m afraid he is my favourite Bond- I like the gritty realism. I don’t look for plot holes either!

    We went to see Pirates last year when it came out and I just thought it was very odd! I liked Queen Victoria, but the girl pirate, the girl mad Darwin, the beard- it was all a bit incongruous for me- beyond even my suspension of disbelief which has had to stretch enormously since the boys got old enough for cinema trips! Mind you, I didn’t sleep much through Pirates so it can’t have been all bad. i have slept through entire many of their choice of movies!

    DVD top of our see list is Arthur Christmas- make sure you get a copy for this year!

    I’m having a scan back through your wonderful posts to find a picture of my most appreciated bag which arrived today. I really had completely forgotten about the bags! But I was delighted and intrigued when the boys ripped open the parcel! Just exactly what I’ve been needing, with the weather in this Northern Land a bit too unprdictable for cloth bags. Perfect. I love it. Thank you immensely! No sign of Aaron???

  2. Mij Says:

    I so agree about Pierce Brosnan – Yummy yummy yummy!

  3. Floss Says:

    I’m going to comment on your newest post, too, but having just seen this film last night (no subtitles, as we were in Edinburgh) I thought I’d read your opinions too! I liked it a lot, and so did Ben. It took real talent to do all the classic Bond stuff and yet also make a grown-up movie – OK, so it was only grown-up in parts, but it was classy throughout. And Daniel Craig has a small head. But that’s not his fault…