Looking for Employment

November 12th, 2012

I signed my official “rupture de travail” last Monday. It was a strange feeling – I’ve never been made redundant before, and I felt sadder than I thought I would! I know I’ll be going back to ILS, as Im having French lessons there once a week, but I still felt it was The End of something!

Still, onward and upward! Today I had my interview at the Pole Emploi – the unemployment office. In 10 days or so, I should know whether I’m entitled to benefit ( I blooming well hope so!) and how much I’m entitled to. This depends on my hours worked as AutoEntrepreneur.

I was quite pleased with how I coped with understanding (at least, I think I understood!) what was said, and I think the woman who was dealing with me was pleased with what I have done so far to look for work. She did say my CV wasn’t in the correct “style” (although I had changed it according to what CĂ©line, my French teacher recommended!) so I’m not registered to go on a “Writing your CV and Letter of Motivation” course next week. I hope I understand that!!

Despite it being of the wrong style, I dropped a copy of my CV at CIFOR (the training department of the Chambre de Commerce) in Roanne. I also did a bit of research on other businesses that might employ me. I’ll wait until after the course until approaching them.

I’ve had a couple of enquiries about private lessons too. I made the mistake of giving the person my email address without taking note of hers. That way I am dependent on her contacting me, instead of being pro-active and being able to contact her. Never mind – a lesson learned. Let’s hope she contacts me in the near future.


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  1. Tractorgirl Says:

    Hope you find something soon.