I have work!

Just before Christmas, I had a mail from the Pole Emploi telling me of a possible job. You have to apply for the posts that you are sent, or else you can lose your unemployment benefit (not that I’ve actually received any yet!). I was leaving for the UK the following day, so I dashed off a quick response in terrible French, saying I was interested but wouldn’t be available until January.

Imagine my surprise when, with no interview at all, I was being sent contracts for telephone lessons with five people…Jolly good. The pay is reasonable (20€ an hour, before tax – 2€ less than I charge normally, but this has no overheads like travel) so I accepted. Then another contract popped into my inbox…and another…and then another! Suddenly I’ve got another 4 hours a week (each lesson is 30 minutes long) – a bit spread out, which makes it a bit tricky to settle to other tasks (any excuse to avoid cleaning the bathroom!) but it’s bringing in another 80€ a week. Not to be sniffed at!

Unlike another offer of work, which would involve 30 minutes drive each way, to teach people “without much money” at 10€ an hour. Take away the 20% tax and that’s 8€ for an hours work. Plus paying for the diesel. You must be joking…!

So, with my other private lessons, that means I now have 14 hours a week teaching. Getting better and better.


6 Responses to “I have work!”

  1. Floss Says:

    Fantastic! Phone lessons are fun, and so convenient, as you say. The other one – 10€ an hour? What’s the SMIC now, anyway?

    OK, I checked. It wouldn’t be illegal to pay you that little, but nearly…

  2. Tractorgirl Says:

    🙂 really pleased for you.

  3. Michelle Says:

    I haven’t been following you long enough to know what kind of lessons you give via telephone, but work (and income!) is a good thing, indeed! (And I hear you about avoiding the bathroom cleaning….)

  4. Surfing Says:

    Great news.

  5. Greenpatches Says:

    Wonderful news! Congrats.

  6. Pauleen Says:

    Excellent news – somehow it never rains but it pours as they say so I hope your “rain” continues.