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I think this is the third in the unimaginatively titled “Untitled…” series, indicating that I can’t think of a title for this blog post. Supply your own, if this upsets you too much!

Unfortunately the interview came to naught – or at least, so far, it’s come to naught. The email that I got said “We would be very happy if we had the opportunity to work with you in the future.We do not have anything definite to propose you at this time. However, I won’t hesitate to get in touch with you if something définite comes up.”… which seems a bit strange, as I thought I was being interviewed for specific work. Still, it’s possible that the company in Clermont wanted a particular time that I couldn’t offer, due to contracts already in place. Never mind. Hopefully they may have something to offer me in the not too distant future.

On other domestic news front, I have completed my February ATC. As I said in this post I want to try to do a bit more crafting this year. To whit, I’m creating one ATC a month. Here is February’s:


On one side, I used the quotation “If your heart is a caged bird, I have the key”


The rather splodgey flowers were made using a stencil, and embellished with sparkly flowers; the cage is cut out from some wrapping paper and the tag made from some discounted stickers bought at Noz.

On the other side, I used a picture taken from a book I bought (discounted at Noz) called “Almanach 2010” – it is very odd, but has quite a lot of old fashioned type pictures that can be cut out and used. This dancing couple seemed suitable for the month of Lurve…


I painted the woman’s dress, and added a bower of flowers (from a discounted set, from – yes, you’ve guessed it! – Noz) and some tiny shell hearts (discounted, but bought at The Works over Christmas) I added the quotation from “My Fair Lady” because, well, it seemed to fit.

I apologise for my photography. I really must learn how to take better pictures! These aren’t very embellished ATCs. Many that are shown on blogs are much more elaborate than mine. It’s partly because I don’t have the materials, but also because I prefer the more “minimalist” look…Maybe one month I’ll try to step outside of my comfort zone, and go way over the top. But not this month.

I’ve finished the cards to send off for my Grow Your Blog giveaway, as I had an unexpected afternoon off on Thursday. There was too much snow for me to drive to Roanne for my one English lesson, so I cancelled it, and spent the afternoon crafting instead. This morning’s lesson was cancelled by the student so I caught up blogging (over at Fat Dormouse, you can read that we’ve decided to try the 5:2 diet) and now I am thinking I may do some more craft stuff.

I’ve joined a French crafting site (Scrap à la Carte) which sets out various challenges through the months. Perhaps I’ll have a go at a couple of these… I’m also thinking about getting a Cuttlebug / Big Shot thingy, but I’m not sure…Firstly I don’t exactly know what they do and secondly, I don’t know how much I’d use it…

but so many card makers out there on t’interweb seem to swear by them.

There’s lots of snow here – it’s been snowing more or less non stop for two days – fairly fine snow, but it mounts up. Mr D is itching to get down to Roanne to pick up his new bike, so I think he might brave the weather this afternoon, as it is just about stopped now. As long as the gritters/snow ploughs have done their job, and as long as he’s prudent, then there shouldn’t be a problem.  I should go out for a walk, I know: after a couple of weeks inactivity (I didn’t swim this week) my sciatica is starting to trouble me again. I am stretching most mornings, but I need to do more than this. But it’s cold. And snowy. And my snowboots aren’t tha good for long walks…or quite short ones, really… And I want to stay inside in the warm with the cats and my hot water bottle!



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  1. Pauleen Says:

    What a shame about the job, but there’s still hope for the future. I like your new crafty cards -very special.

    BTW I thought you might want to consider Google Reader as a place to store your favourite blog sites http://www.google.com/reader/

    It lets you subscribe by putting in the link, then it does all the remembering for you and when you go into it you can see those you want to read. I would be lost without it. Anyway FYI