I had a brilliant idea for a blogpost..

…but I’ve forgotten what it was!

I’ve had a practically all-but-wasted weekend as I “did” my back in, awkwardly getting up to answer the phone yesterday morning. Which was annoying, as it was my student phoning to cancel his lesson! I could have done lots of extra crafting – but instead I was limited to sitting in a chair whimpering to myself. Today it’s better, but my movement is still very stiff and I am only able to walk gingerly, moving from holding onto chairs to bookcase to whatever I can grab!

I have to go to work tomorrow as I’m starting a new contract (back with my old company, but this time working as auto entrepreneur) 3 hours a week is not to be sniffed at. Together with another 1 hour from the phone lesson company, I’m probably earning as much as I was before I was made unemployed – and without having to travel to Clermont 4 days a week (which probably cost an average of about 15 – 20€ a day, counting petrol, motorway tolls and wear-&-tear on the car)  But, as tomorrow is the first lesson I don’t really want to have to cry off because of my back. I’ve been taking Volterol painkillers (lovely strong ones left over from my sciatic incident) and Paracetemol, but I’m down to my last ones, with not much time to go to the doctors tomorrow. Let’s hope for miraculous recoveries!


Here’s a picture of Bib up on the beams in MrD’s study. She’s about 8 or 9 months old now and is quite a character! Millie terrorises her quite a lot, chasing her at least once a day, usually into our bedroom, where Bib will hide behind the bed, making quite a lot of noise, hissing and growling. If Millie catches her then there is a spat.

When Bib is totally relaxed, she’ll curl up purring loudly and sucking the end of her tail – you can see it looks a bit thinner at the end than the rest of it. We suspect this is a comfort thing – like babies sucking their thumb or a dummy – because she lost her mum at an early age. Sometimes she’ll sneak under the duvet at night, and we wake to feel a disgustingly soppy tail trailing over us. Which is a bit yucky, even though she is delightfully sweet when she’s doing her sucky/purry thing.

We sometimes call her “squeaky toy” as she often makes little squeaks and chirrups as she moves, like a squeaky bouncy ball. When I was taking the photo, she was trotting along the beam, chirruping and squeaking as if talking to me, and earlier today she was playing with flat-mouse (one of her toys) and pouncing on it, all the time making these funny little sounds. She used to have a toy-basket with all her toys in it, so she could go and choose what she wanted to play with, but sadly she disgraced herself by peeing in it, so we had to take it away. Now they’re kept in a bag, which isn’t so convenient for her, as we choose the toys for her; she doesn’t always approve of our choice! But she found flat-mouse somewhere other than the bag, so she’s happy at the moment.

Pause in Lent post may happen tomorrow, but I’m not feeling very inspired at the moment.



5 Responses to “I had a brilliant idea for a blogpost..”

  1. Trish Says:

    Swift healing for your back Dormouse, I do hope work goes OK tomorrow.
    Our Lucy did a sucky purry thing too, and I think it was that she was taken from her Mum too soon too.
    In Lucy’s case she sucked at her own nipple which disturbed me rather and I didn’t like to see her do it.
    At least we weren’t swiped with a soggy tail!

  2. magsmcc Says:

    Hey, Dormouse- I do hope you’ll fly through tomorrow- if only on strong drugs! Do gueris vite! I’ve been meaning to tell you that we finally caught up with aaron at our mutual friend catherine’s house last Monday. It was fabulous to hear all his adventures from the man himself. He is still waxing lyrical about his time with you- and showing off his St Christopher to all he meets x

  3. Pauleen Says:

    Sorry to hear you’re in pain…hopefully you’ll be able to survive the pain to get to work.

    Bib is looking very beautiful. His tail-sucking reminds me of Springer who used to suck “his mummy rug”…the old sarong on his chair. Lots of paddy-pawing then slurping on the frill. I agree it’s being taken away from mum too young.

  4. Mij Says:

    Hopefully your back is on the mend and you are up and at ’em. I am determined to get Loire lore running now that we are back – but somehow I lack motivation…maybe I’ll do some dusting…I have even mopped the stairs …the last few days I have done some baking and.. eaten it all and so now I know the weight will be piling on again. I was so careful in Spain!x

  5. no spring chicken Says:

    And if I were thinner (and younger) I would be wearing whichever dress you decided not to wear and nibbling (to keep that wonderful figure) at those delicacies you were serving!!

    Blessings, Debbie