Goodness me!

I’ve got MORE work! The company I had an interview with a few weeks back phoned last week and asked if I was interested in telephone lessons. Yes please! So I’ve got 3 hours a week with them, and that, I’m guessing, might rise if they’re happy with what I do. They’re paying me 6€ an hour more than the other company too, so I hope I get more work with them!

I’ve also got another 30 minutes a week with the first company, taking me up to 22 hours a week WHEN everyone is having lessons, although there’s one guy who does a lot of travelling, and so isn’t around very often. But when he is he has 2 hours a week. I’ve also got a couple of 7-hour days booked with ILS, my old company, for whom I’m already doing 3 hours a week. So generally, we’re doing OK.

MrD has applied for a few jobs too, and is waiting to hear from them. Fingers crossed we may be a fully employed family again soon.

It does mean I need to be very disciplined in keeping my lesson preparation up-to-date (although it’s easier to blag a phone lesson for half an hour than a 2-hour face-to-face lesson!) and I am going to have to timetable in some exercise on the days I’m at home, even if it’s a quick 30 minute walk around the village.  Otherwise I could find myself glued to my chair all day. I’ve been sitting on my fat a*se without doing anything for too long – although, to be fair, the last couple of weeks were because I couldn’t do anything with my back problems.

Oh, I haven’t told you how these nigh-on-miraculously disappeared! Last Monday I was in a great deal of pain; I managed to drive to Clermont for my lesson, I managed to teach and to be taught (French lesson), but by hometime, I could hardly lift my feet to walk, so was almost shuffling. I reached home and was practically weeping with pain, as I’d run out of major painkillers and was existing on paracetemol and ibuprofen. I went to bed fairly early, and went to sleep, waking from time to time to shift position. On Tuesday morning I woke up, got carefully out of bed and realised I was painfree. Absolutely pain free. A little stiff, but no pain.  I still can’t quite believe it, how comprehensively I was healed, but I was. So (no excuses) I really do need to keep this back moving.

That’s not me. I don’t think I could jump that high!

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5 Responses to “Goodness me!”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Wow, that is wonderful about your back? HOW?!? Never mind; we don’t look gift horses in the mouth!

  2. Floss Says:

    This is great news all round! When I do only phone lessons (as today) I wear a pedometer – this helps me to check that I’m keeping active, and just wearing one tends to make me more ‘bouncy’ and active!

  3. MissLisa Says:

    awesome news about the jobs but AMAZING and WONDERFUL news about your back – I so totally understand where you were at with the barely being able to lift your feet – that was me for about 6 months last year! SO excited that it’s fixed!!!

  4. Amanda Says:

    Great to hear you are feeling better and have more work!

    Amanda 🙂

  5. Pauleen Says:

    Good news on two fronts: pain-free AND extra work. Well done Alison!