Spending time with friends

I love how a simple evening can be so enjoyable. We were at Cathy’s last night – she has friends staying, and invited us to share a meal and to watch “Skyfall” on the Big Screen. I got home from teaching and we zipped up – taking a quiche I’d made (using half-a-jar of coconut curry sauce in the savoury custard, and a bag of flaked crab-sticks, plus various veggies – it was nicer than it sounds!) and a white-chocolate-and-ginger-cheesecake (which is rapidly becoming my go-to signature dessert, taking over from banoffi pie)

We started with a vegetable soup – very yummy – made by one of Cathy’s visitors, had the quiche with salad (and Cathy had made another veggie quiche as well) and then dessert. We sat with coffee and watched James Bond.

Nothing special, but made special all the same, with good food  and good company. We don’t do it enough…

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  1. Surfing Says:

    I like the sign. Any chance of sharing the cheesecake recipe?