Two kinds of Lion – and a bit of romance!

The first lion is actually Lyon – I had a great afternoon at Alison’s over in Lyon, crafting and using equipment I’d never used before to create some lovely cards. I used the BigShot for embossing and for cutting out – and I fell in love with this clever little beast! We also used some lovely pens and ink pads, some fab stamps and some brilliant cutting out punches. I am now drooling over the Stampin’ Up catalogue and wondering how much I can justify spending! Mr D looked at the cards I’d made and conceded that they looked much more professional than my usual cards…he isn’t worried if I spend the money; I just need to persuade myself it’s okay!

My second lion is for the Less Is More challenge, where the theme is “Film”. The challenge is to use just one layer, with minimal embellishments.  I created this card



He’s not a stamp – I don’t have useful stamps like that! – he’s hand-drawn, inspired by a picture I found on t’internet, with the sentiment (Roar! – “Happy Birthday” in Lion) handwritten too. I borrowed the idea of the sentiment from the Stampin’ Up catalogue. I coloured the lion with watercolour pencils and the writing is just with ordinary felt tip pens.

As I’m supposed to link it to a favourite film, I can say that he’s from “The Lion King” – which isn’t, to be honest, a favourite film, but one I have enjoyed. I loved the musical, which I saw in London about 10 years ago – maybe more! – and was surprised to find (courtesy of QI) that the story is based on that of Hamlet. Which I suppose could be true – except happily, they don’t all die at the end, and Simba’s love doesn’t go mad and drown herself…

The romance part is inspired by one of my favourite films.

How could it not be a favourite, with Alan Rickman (sigh.)

(oh, look at that nose in profile! How wonderful is that!!!)

It also has the most moving and real portrayal of grief that I have seen in film, by Juliet Stevenson – she is superb! I am very jealous of her being wooed by Alan Rickman (even with the moustache, which I’m not totally sure about!)!!

Anyway – back to the crafting. Inspired by the romance, I crafted this little card:


The stamp used is a little heart that I bought in a set from Artemia ages ago…I don’t really use them very much, as I don’t quite feel inspired by them!

The sentiment – again hand-written – is one of those French expressions I don’t really “get”. It means “I love you a little…a lot..madly” and I think it’s like the English “He loves me…he loves me not…” but I’m not sure.  I couldn’t decide whether to add a piece of red ribbon down the left hand side, but in the end I opted for the clean, simple look. After all, less is more!



4 Responses to “Two kinds of Lion – and a bit of romance!”

  1. Chrissie Says:

    I’m impressed again by your drawing and script skills…
    The lion is such a fun card.
    Thanks so much
    “Less is More”

  2. Alison xx Says:

    Hi Alison, It was great to meet you and I’m glad you had fun at the class. Love that you have used the catalogue for your idea (it’s there for that too !!) Your hand drawn lion is AMAZING !!!!! Your handwriting is so perfect on both cards. Hope to see you again soon, A xx

  3. Mij Says:

    The cards are lovely. Your crafting skills never cease to amaze me!

  4. Jen Says:

    Fab cards and great film. Sorry for my late visit. Thanks for joining us this week
    “Less Is More”