Cats Need You!!

I  am posting a cry for help – I don’t know if anyone who reads this can help, but if not, maybe you can pass the link on:

Hi everyone, we need your help! Sadly we are just not getting any interest in rehoming our cats and kittens despite all our pleas; this weekend can you copy paste our link to all your friends? The pound we support will soon be forced to put cats to sleep in the very near future due to numbers and yet we have worked hard to rescue them, get them better and vaccinate/neuter etc. We do need your help, please copy the Spanish Stray Cats link rather than just like, it has much more impact. Thanks all Xxxxx

catThis is one of the beautiful cats who are desperately in need of a home


Note: There is sponsorship to rehome the cats in the UK too.

cat z

Olly, Osso and Fred. Fred and Osso in foster homes running out end of Sept, can’t send them back to shelter and Olly a lovebug never even got a foster. Fred and Osso part sponsored for UK transport (or elsewhere) Olly we would try to fundraise if an offer come forward. All young boys, ex pets, dealt bad cards in life so far. Vaccinated, chipped neutered. Were cute kittens once too! Still cute just bigger!


Can anyone help?

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  2. Katrin Says:

    This is so heartbreaking! I wish I could take them all! I really wish! I already have 4 pets and I doubt that I can take more than that but I am really struggling with myself right now….I hope they will all find lovely homes!