Bits and Bobs

I haven’t really got much to say, but I really wanted to pop in to say hello.


# I went to church this morning. I enjoyed it; in fact I’d been looking forward to it all week – which is a first for quite some time. usually I’m trying to find excuses! I thought I’d set my alarm for 8.00, giving me plenty of time. But Mr D woke me at 9.10 saying “are you going to church today then?” I was up, showered, dressed (including my lace up boots that take 5 minutes to do!), coffee glugged and out of the door by 9.28. I got to church in 50 minutes, so I think I did quite well. I don’t think I got flashed by any speed cameras!!

# We had lunch at Alison’s today. Mr D made a courgette soup to take (using up some of the three monster courgettes we still have left!) and we had raclette and plum crumble. Cathy was there too, so a long, leisurely lunch was enjoyed by us all. Unfortunately for her, Alison knew she had to work this evening. We knew we could just chill out and watch Strictly Come Dancing. We may also watch some Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience, which we have discovered on You Tube. We loved the series that was recently on BBC1, but have since discovered there were other series before this.

# One of my students has given up. I’ve been teaching her for a year, but she has no confidence in her abilities. Because of this she doesn’t work, and will meet practically every question with an immediate “je n’s’pas” (= je ne sais pas = I don’t know) Finally, as I felt I was taking money under false pretences, I said to her mum that either J had to pull her finger out, or I might as well stop. After an embarrassing few minutes when mum and J argued in front of me, I left them to decide. Mum got in touch with me during the week to say that J had decided to stop.  Less money for me, but it means I now have a gap when I can perhaps take other students.


# Another of my students has given me a haunch of wild boar, which is neatly vacuum packed and sitting in the fridge waiting for me to sort out the freezer so there’s space for it in there. I’m thinking this might be our Christmas lunch. And a lot more besides, looking at the size of it! He’s a hunter and he told me that he and his mates killed 9 wild boar and a deer at the weekend. While I don’t like the thought of it, I hypocritically like the end results.

# I made my Christmas cakes yesterday. You can read about it over here.


# That’s about it. It’s due to be warm weather this week, which will be nice (after I’ve swopped my wardrobes over!!) so I don’t think we’ll be changing to the winter duvet yet. We are getting two (sometimes three) cats sleeping with us & the bed’s getting a bit full. I wonder how we’ll manage when all four decide to join us.

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One Response to “Bits and Bobs”

  1. Sara Louise Says:

    Tis the season for boar eating! In the summer I have too many courgettes, and in the winter, too much boar! 🙂