Less Is More N° 143 Take 2

And here is my other card that I made for the “String or Twine” challenge.


This one uses some pom-pom string that came with a Christmas present last year…


I don’t know if you can see but the tag has a gold star embossed onto it. The sentiment is hand-written. I’m a bit disappointed in the pen I used – it wasn’t cheap, but for all it is claimed to be a gold calligraphy pen it is more yellow with a squidgey nib that doesn’t give much scope for calligraphy. Grr.


6 Responses to “Less Is More N° 143 Take 2”

  1. Chrissie Says:

    The sentiment looks beautifully neat, well done you!
    Thanks again.
    Less is More

  2. Alison xx Says:

    As always, I am in admiration of your hand writing. Fun Christmas card. A xx

  3. Lynne Says:

    Such a lovely card and the sentiment is beautifully done.
    Lynne xxx

  4. Skye Says:

    A lovely card. Your calligraphy is perfect

  5. joanne Says:

    gosh I wish I could do hand writing like that. great card

  6. Pauleen Says:

    I think it’s very pretty Alison and you, as Creative Director, are being a tad picky;-)