Why do I blog? Somebody asked me this question a while back, and I’ve been thinking about it for a while. To be honest, I’m not really sure: I started, thinking it would be a way for our friends and relatives to find out what we’re doing over here in France – but I’m not really sure how many Real Life friends or relatives read my blog. They rarely comment if they do read it!

It is a rather narcissistic pasttime, blogging: you imagine that people “out there” who you have never met, might be interested in what you have to say.  You get excitedwhen someone comments – especially if it’s a supportive comment, that shows that they have read your words and understood what you’re trying to say. I suppose part of the reason I blog is because I love writing – and a blog is easier than a novel. It’s more immediate, it’s possibly less effort, although I do know that some people spend a long time crafting the “perfect” blog post. I certainly don’t (“You can tell!” they all chorus in disapproval!) – I type as I think, and possibly read it once before pressing “Publish” but other than that, my blog posts stand (or fall) as I write them.


I must admit to being slightly envious of those blogs where the writers are sent various things to review – one blogger I read was given a free cruise on the cruise ship Ventura,  for heaven’s sake!


How lucky is that?! Others receive vouchers for clothes sites, food to try, etc etc. I’m not saying I’m blogging for what I can get out of it, but it would be lovely to have freebies like that! But this isn’t a high profile blog, with Facebook/ Pinterest/ Twitter links on it – mainly because I have no idea how to put links on a blog! – but rather a homely little blog on a wide ranging number of themes.  However, if anyone does wish to  bribe me, I’m open to offers!


Naturally, we all want to be loved, and the comments that people leave are always a delight to read. Those of you who read and comment: thank you. I often remonstrate with myself when I visit other people’s blogs and don’t comment. Knowing how pleased I am to receive an alert saying that there is a new comment, I really should make more effort to leave messages on other people’s posts. There is always the feeling of “I’ve got nothing to add to this post/discussion” but, if other bloggers are like myself, just the fact that someone has taken the time to comment is very pleasing. So don’t hesitate to leave a message!


This is all a rather roundabout way of introducing the Grow Your Blog event that blogger Vicki is organising for January 2014. She did this last January, and it was lovely to visit lots of other blogs that I might not have found otherwise. I “followed” some, and bookmarked others. Some I still visit on a regular basis, others were a glimpse of someone else’s world which I haven’t repeated – rather like when you pass an uncurtained, lit up wndow in winter. You catch a snapshot of another life, which you don’t ever see again, but which leaves an impression, fleeting or otherwise.


Vicki is an incredibly generous and talented blogger, who gives away fantastic gifts -I was lucky enough to receive one if these beautiful bags in her giveaway in spring –


and this year she has been collecting pink scarves from people all over the world to give to breast cancer sufferers and survivors in her home area. The amount of work she has put into this project is amazing, and the photos she has taken of these scarves are beautiful. She creates bespoke fabric “nests”, which are not my cup of tea, but which I can appreciate for the skill, work and love that goes into each one.


The idea is that people visit and “follow” your blog, if they think it is the kind of blog they would like – I guess it is a type of networking! Here on the wibsite there isn’t the possibility of Followers, but I hope that people do bookmark the page if they like what they see, and pop back from time to time. If you are a blogger and would like to join in, why not pop over to Vicki and sign up.



Why do I blog? I’m not sure – but I have received some great benefits.

I have, through blogging, met some interesting people – recently  I stayed with Floss and her family, and last November we had the privilege of welcoming a young cyclist to stay thanks to Mags linking to his blog as he cycled from Istanbul to Belfast (as you do!)  –

I HAVE recieved lovely gifts (so actually, yes, I do get freebies!) as I’ve taken part in swops, giveaways and Secret Santa exchanges

I have found some interesting blogs showing me glimpses of different lives: single parenthood, frugal living, ministry in the USA, fashion and cooking – I have favourite blogs I go back to day after day, loving the stories of PON puppies growing up in the SW of France, marvelling at the skill and patience of a special needs teacher in the US,  loving the joyousness of PomPom’s posts about simple family values and the wisdom of Angela’s posts about her life. I love the challenge and optimism of Ange’s blog as well Now I’ve started I want to link to so many more blogs that I read…! I hope that you will click on one or two of the links yourselves and discover new glimpses of lives that you didn’t know existed…

Blogging is fun. And I think I would really miss it if I didn’t do it.

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4 Responses to “Blogging.”

  1. SueH Says:

    I have days when I wonder – why do I bother blogging?
    I started a few years ago with one of my other blogs, using it as a platform to share my love
    of writing, joining in collective fiction memes.

    Then I branched out into other subjects – like my craft-based blog called ‘The Knitting Assassin!’

    I still get excited when people take the time to comment – it spurs me on. But then when there’s no response I think “Why did I bother?” :-/

    And then you visit blogs where they instantly get 40+ comments at the drop of a hat! (One I know in particular gets pages and pages of comments yet I’ve never seen her respobd to anyone.) How do they do it, I ask myself?

    Ho, hum – well, the colder weather is coming, so maybe it will encourage a few people to trawl the blogosphere if they’re forced to be cooped up inside!

  2. Michelle Says:

    I do believe I was introduced to your blog by the last Grow Your Blog Party – and I’ve been following you with interest ever since! I doubt I will have the opportunity to travel abroad, so I love the glimpses into other societies and cultures I get through blogging. As for why I blog, well, I love to write and photograph, and figure out a way for both of those things to meld into a pleasing (at least to me) composition. But like you said, it means ever so much when others think it’s pleasing as well!

    One feature I wish for your blog is a way to be notified when there are additional comments (like yours!) after I comment. On most other blogs I follow, there is a little box to check for that feature, so one can “follow the conversation.” I’m too scattered to remember to revisit old posts I’ve commented on to see if the blog-owner (or someone else) has posted a response.

  3. magsmcc Says:

    You’ve said it all! I got a bit confused with the Blog Grow last year. Maybe I’ll try again.

  4. Pauleen Says:

    Wrote a long comment via phone and then dragged the wrong way. Short version: I’m glad you blog.